Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back from the Dead?

Hello dearests! I have cruelly neglected you, but somehow my followers list keeps growing - how this has happened I'll never know. Welcome to the party, everyone who's joined since I last posted! :)
As usual, school has been keeping me insanely busy and on my toes, but this week I'm having a blessed respite from the storm of homework, and so will try to post more than just this once. :) I've got a Spanish test, a biology presentation, and a paper due on Friday, but only the Spanish test is too big of a deal, so I'm not overly worried. Last week was a little rough, with a 2 page paper, a 4 page draft, and multiple other things due, but now I'm done with that and happy. And guess what? Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks or so! Glory glory!
I went home a week ago for the first time, and while that was lovely and full of good food and cuddling my puppy, it made me homesick for the first time since I came to Trinity. I believe I cried harder in the car leaving Houston than I did when my parents dropped me off here. :( But I'm feeling better now, since my roommate loves me and so do the rest of my friends. Yay for friends! :) Unfortunately Alli is sick right now, and that's always sad - I act like her mother and buy her juice with lots of vitamin C and ice cream and stuff. Haha!
Anyways, on to the nail polish. I've got Zoya's Rihana for y'all today, and goodness, she is a pretty one. A shimmery berry almost-vamp that is very similar to China Glaze Cowgirl Up and OPI Bastille My Heart, except that it does not have the blue shimmer of Cowgirl Up, and is more shimmery and purple than Bastille My Heart. Quite pretty. Its not super unique, but I love love love this type of color, and so I have no qualms about owning many many versions of it. Look at that... there's golden shimmer and red shimmer and purple shimmer... and its just beautiful. :)

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  1. Hi Faith! I'm way behind in reading the blogs. You've been very busy. I guess you wouldn't be homesick when your going onto a new adventure in life. It sure was different leaving for you this time. Are you keeping up with the piano? Glad you have lots of friends. Do you keep your nails polished? Rihana is very pretty on you. Take care sweetie.