Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top Coat Trials: The Legendary Poshe

Now for some more of the illustrious Top Coat Trials, in which I try to find a match for the Holy Grail of Top Coats, Seche Vite. Poshe is commonly known as the equal of Seche (some people even call it better), so I was excited to try it and see for myself. Would something finally measure up to Seche?

Upon buying Poshe, I was disappointed to find out that it costs about $7-8, which is only a couple of dollars below Seche. This meant that if the top coat was measurably inferior to Seche, it wouldn't be worth it to buy Poshe instead of Seche. So home I took my little bottle, happy for an excuse to change my nail polish immediately. Poshe applies quite smoothly and nicely, leaving no bubbles, and keeps the polish chip-free for a reasonable amount of time. However, it did not measure up to Seche's glass-like shine and length of wear. Seche will keep your polish on at least 4 days no problem, while Poshe is pushing it at 3.

Also, I was severely disappointed once I reached the bottom half of my bottle. It has all the same problems as Seche (heavy bubbling, extreme thickening, etc.), with even worse thickening! I felt like I was trying to put glue on my nails. :( I've gotten much better results from several of the drugstore top coats I've tried so far.

The verdict: Poshe is nice, but not worth it. Buy Sally Hansen Mega-Shine, and get the same results a whole lot cheaper, or cough up the $10 for Seche Vite.


  1. $10?! i get seche vite for around $5-6 at sally's, i usually stock up when they have it extra cheap. or, i use one of those 20% off one item coupons for bed bath and beyond and get it there, regular price is like $7. i picked up a $2.50 very thin topcoat at sally's, the kind in the bottle that's shaped like a ball, and i use that to thin the end of my seche and poshe.

  2. amanda - Really? $5 at Sally's? You must have a magic Sally's. But I was not aware that they sold Seche at BB&B, this is very good news. :) Also, I bought the Seche brand of thinner, and while it works beautifully on normal nail polish, it doesn't work as well as I would like for Seche Vite, and didn't work at all for Poshe.