Sunday, January 30, 2011


Y'all know what I did today? I cleaned. Whoa. That is something right there. My roommate and I are extremely good at being the opposite of clean, so even though we clean roughly once a week, it's still a disaster area by the weekend.

In other news, it's gorgeous in San Antonio (80 degrees today!) and I spent the afternoon outside pretending to do homework. :)

Last night was my friend Alex's birthday, and since his roommate Michael's birthday is this coming Saturday, we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. We went to a place in the Quarry that was ok, not the greatest food ever, but we had fun. Plus I got free cake when the waiter spilled water on me. ;)
Here are the birthday boys... this pretty much sums up their roommate relationship.
And here are Alli and I being adorable matchy roommates. That was unplanned, by the way. We are just cute like that.

Today is also my sister's 17th birthday - hooray for birthdays! She's mainly excited that she can buy M rated games without Mama in the store, haha.

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