Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break-ing...

Hey, dolls! Just letting you know that I am not as a matter of fact failing in my resolution to blog more - I am just in the midst of spring break at the moment and not feeling like doing much. My lovely friend, Candace, came from Indianapolis to see me and left this morning to go back home. :( Happily, I'll see her again this June when we go visit Indy. I had lots of fun while she was here - she turned 20 on Tuesday, so we had a tea party for her, which was quite fun. SO MUCH CREAM! We made clotted cream for the scones, the strawberries were stuffed with it, and it seems like everything else had some sort of cream or at least massive amounts of butter in it. :) Super yummy but super fattening. I'll have to be extra good the next week or two to make up for it. Actually, this has been kind of a fattening week... Candace and I kept going out and buying large amounts of candy when we were bored. Oopsy! Ah well, what are friends for if not to make you fat?

In other news, it is gorgeous outside, and I think I am going to read a book in the lovely sunshine.

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