Saturday, January 10, 2009

Misa Toxic Seduction

Here we have a color I was very happy about, Misa's Toxic Seduction from their Poisoned Passion collection. (btw, isn't that a funny name?) I ordered it online after learning that Misa was having a fancy nail deal and got this polish for free (except for s&h, :( )! It is a really fantastic foresty green with kind of a greyish quality but also has some goldy sparkles. I lurve it. This stuff applied pretty well, I used 3 coats to get it streak-free, but then that's how many I have to use for Essie. The first picture is indoors, the second picture is in the sunlight. Aren't you happy to see how much better they look than the last post? ;)


  1. So happy I got my hands on this polish - one of my fave green polishes to date!

  2. Anonymous - Isn't it lovely? So glad you got some. :)