Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Essie Fiji

Here is Fiji, a very very light pink creme. I have absolutely no idea what collection this
color is from, I just found it last time I was at Ulta. I typically don't wear colors like this. Actually, I typically hate colors like this. I have no idea what possessed me to buy this. But the thing is, I like this color. I like it a lot. This might be due to the fact that (a) it is not sheer and (b) it isn't too pink. While I supposed this would technically be called baby pink, I like it because it's almost white and therefore very chic and sophisticated feeling. Almost French feeling. My hands look very clean and well-groomed with this color on.
(note: I took the picture above in bright sunlight and it's kind of hurting my retinas, so I'll stick another one in that d0esn't hurt my retinas so badly.)
Application was pretty bad. I had to apply 4 coats in order for the streakiness to subside. Even with the 4 coats you can still see some unevenness if you look closely. But if you're looking for a nice "appropriate" color that won't make you vomit from boredom, I'd say that this is a pretty good pick.


  1. Nice color on you. Not something I would usually pick up. I love the dark and different colors. Then I can change my mind and paint on something pretty and pink. Isn't it fun having lots of polishes to play with?

  2. It is SO fun to have lots of polishes. :)

  3. Light pinks are just not my colors. I love them and how they look on other people, but when I put them on, they just dont look quite right on me.

    I did get Misa's Fleeting Hibiscus and I just loved that color on me! It is such a lovely light pink, and the best part it really looked nice on :)

  4. Can you add the email subscription box to the blog please? I'd enjoy reading updates from your blog. Thanks

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  5. Brooke - I normally don't like light pinks @ all, which is why I was so suprised that I liked this one. I'll have to check out Fleeting Hibiscus.
    Halifax - I added a little subscribe-ing box. It's the 2nd box down on the right side. Hopefully this is what you were asking for, if not let me know and I'll fix it! :)

  6. Nice colour...I like that it is not sheer and it looks very good on you!!I'll keep an eye on your blog!!

  7. I have this colour and have yet to wear it..every time I've tried to apply it, it was horrendous and streaky. Really bad formula.

    I like the colour on you.

  8. Orli - yeah, pretty bad formula. But the color is nice. :)