Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nicole by OPI Respect the World

After my dark manicure (somehow it seemed dark to me, even though the main color was supposed to be Sparked ... whatever) I decided that I needed a bright, happy color. Preferably a blue. Because I just love blue. :) I found this lovely little bottle @ my H-E-B, which is a Texan grocery store. So if any of y'all aren't in TX, sorry. ;) My H-E-B has a wonderful nail polish selection ... it's really pretty crazy. It takes them a while to get new collections, but they have OPI (for a dollar cheaper than @ Ulta!) and Orly and all other kinds of stuff.
Anyways, about the color. Respect the World is a very pretty aqua, which in my terminology means that it is a blue-green leaning towards the blue side. It has quite a bit of gold shimmer and reminds me of the Mediterranean. And sometimes of rain. Very springy-feeling and happy either way. In this picture it actually looks way bluer than it is in real life ... my camera failed to pick up the green very well.
As pretty as this color is, my bottle had absolutely horrible application. It was a gloppy mess. I used 3 coats. All 3 coats were necessary in order to even out the color. Here is a close-up just because I feel like putting one up. :) Oh, and please don't enlarge the pictures as I had some sort of weird black fuzz on my fingers while I was shooting ... I have no idea what it is.

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