Sunday, February 1, 2009

Essie Buy Me A Cameo

Now I know that it looks like my nail stash is 3/4 Essie polishes, but that's not true. I've simply been reaching for colors that have happened to be by Essie lately. :) I have about 35 nail polishes and perhaps 7 of those are Essie, so while I do have quite a few Essies, they by no means dominate my nail collection.

Buy Me A Cameo is a rather odd color. It is what I can only describe as a metallic taupe/nude. It would be a very boring and rather ugly color if it wasn't metallic. Buuuut, it IS metallic and that somehow makes it beautiful and intriguing.
p.s. You may have noticed that this picture is a bit bigger than normal. This is because I have decided that my previous pictures were a bit small. All pictures from now on will be this size. :)
p.p.s I'm wearing BMAC to yet another college visit tomorrow ... this time there will be an interview. Let's hope that the interview lady will be so impressed by my beautiful nails that she decides she just has to give me that lovely huge scholarship.

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