Sunday, April 26, 2009

Essie North Forks, Numero Dos

Annnd, Greenport! Now, I wouldn't call this a blue. It's more of a dusty teal, in my mind. A very pretty dusty teal, but not a blue. :)
But the application, oh the application! It was, possibly, worse than Shelter Island. Not only was thick and gloppy, it dragged. 3 coats were, once again, necessary to get any kind of even coverage.
I wish Essie had made the quality of this collection up to par. This collection is so beautiful. Shouldn't we be able to apply this gorgeous polish without wishing we hadn't been born? ;)


  1. What a shame. These polishes look so pretty on you. Maybe you just got some bad bottles. I read others explanations and they said it went on nice. Oh well!

  2. Lucy - I'm hoping that that's the explanation. :) If you like blue I think it's a good buy no matter what ... maybe if I got some thinner it would help. It's worth a shot! :)

  3. Oooohhh, I like that color. It looks like Easter. :)

  4. Chanel Allegoria makes me wish I'd never been born...WORST APPLICATION EVER!!! I really wanted to get this color but H2T ran out of it. I hate it when pretty colors have horrible formulas, especially pastels.

  5. Candace - yes it does. :)
    The Asian Girl - Aw, sorry. :( I don't own any Chanels ... too expensive! :O If I decide to start spending big bucks on np I'll probly go for RBL, as I'm majorly lemming most of their collection. haha.
    And that sucks that H2T ran out. I got mine for full price @ Ulta.