Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anthropologie Lustings

Warning, this is a very picture-heavy post, full of my current Anthropologie lemmings. How I wish I could afford them ALL. Some of the sale ones are actually very decently priced, but alas, I don't have very much money at the moment.

On to the clothing! the Bold Boutonniere dress. I think that this is scrumptious. It looks so fall-ish and cuteFlowers-By-Numbers tee. On sale for $29.95 Very picnic-y.
Shellseeker Cardigan. On sale for $49.95 And how cute would I look tooling around campus in this?Sylvie Top. On sale for $29.95 Light and airy for the 3 months of summer we Texans still have.

the Terasina dress. I need a nice black dress. This one is ruffly! :)
the Well-Matched dress. I just think that this is cute. Period.
Asymmetric Architecture Jacket. On sale for $49.95 If this was black and leather, I think my wishes would be complete, and I would most likely buy it. As it is, I am content to wish for it.
Park Days Cardigan. On sale for $69.95 I would do exactly what the title suggests. :)
Quiet Light Dress. On sale for $49.95. So pretty and floaty.
Simplicity Dress. On sale for $69.95 It's yellow and has a ruffle and cinced waist. What more could you want?
Upon-The-Shore Jacket. On sale for $69.95 Ack, I can't even stand it! Why must you be so beautiful?
From-The-Sky Skirt. On sale for $99.95 This is one expensive skirt. It was originally $228. But it is so beautiful! If I had $99.95 to spend on a skirt, I would spend it on this one.
Sand Spurrey Espadrilles. On sale for $89.95 There are ROSES on these shoes. 'Nuff said.

Do you see? I should never browse stores online again. It's very bad for me. Makes me covet and lust for things. Luckily, I have an Anthropologie near me, so as soon as I get money, I will head over there. ;) That will probably not be until Christmas though. Because the money I have now has to pay for a bike and a bike lock and maybe part of a laptop, and then shampoo and other random things while I'm in college.
*sigh* Being practical is so boring.


  1. ARRrggh! That stuff is really pretty...
    Now you've made me craving a shopping trip at Anthro....except I have no money at all. :(
    But yes, all of those things do look very Faith-y and I think you should get a lot of money and buy them all, cause you'd look adorable (not that you don't already, though) and then I could borrow all of them. :D

    AND it's super cool that you're getting a nice bike. Bikes are happy.

  2. I knowwww! It's horrible, isn't it. :(
    Haha, that would work. And I would borrow your clothings from H&M ...
    Yesh, bikes ARE happy. My bike is going to be uber cool, too. It's white and silver and kind of looks like Twiggy. :D

  3. I love everything except the second top. Doesn't it stink that there are so many beautiful things online and you can't buy it? I usually get "If you didn't spend so much on nail polish you could buy that". I don't want to hear that. I'm just trying to help the economy. You just have to be practical when your a student. Unless your a rich one! Your bike is going to be beautiful and totally worth the money you pay for it.

  4. Lucy - Yes, it does! Yeah, I won't be a rich student. ;) And I won't even be able to spend very much on nail polish ... *sigh*. But yes, my bike is going to be kick-ass awesome. :)