Monday, August 3, 2009

School Shopping

My mama and I went school shopping today! It's much more fun to shop for college than it is to shop for highschool. :)
We bought me some bedding, here's the bedding I bought. It's from Target, nothing to fancy, but I think I'll be able to live with it for 4 years. A lot of the stuff that they advertise for college students is really bright and in your face ... I don't like my room to be too bright, I like a space that I can relax in. I bought the matching sheet set for the bedding as well.
I also bought this dry-erase board. Fun stuff! Oh, and we got me a hamper, pillows, etc. My friend Olivia bought me a bedside lamp for graduation, so I don't have to worry about that. I also got towels and a luggage set for graduation, so that's nice. It's really weird to actually own things like towels and bedding and hampers ... I'm used to my parents owning it, you know? But this stuff I can take with me when I leave college and use in my apartment or whatever. Weeird. Ok, maybe y'all don't think it's weird, but I do. Haha!
We've also been researching a computer for me. My daddy took me to the Apple store yesterday, and we looked @ the Macbook Pros. I'm liking that students get free ipod touches with their new Macbooks. :)

So I want to ask y'all something. I was thinking about making this a non-polish-exclusive blog. I'd like to post about my daily life as well. And perhaps some beauty stuff too. What do y'all think? Would that make you angry? Or are you cool with it?


  1. so i just finished my first year and let me tell you if you do get the pro get the 13 inch because i have the 15 and its huge. its heavy and obtrusive to your neighbors in class.

  2. Anonymous - Thanks for the advice. We were mainly looking at the 13 in anyways, b/c the 15 in is so dang expensive! ;) I'll pass that info along to my daddy.

  3. That's a really cute eraser board. The one my roommate and I got last year was pink and had Tinkerbell on it, and we only bought it cause it was super cheap. Later we decided to make Tinkerbell more hardcore, so we gave her an eyepatch and a peg-leg. :D

  4. Candace - Why yes, it is! That's why I bought it. :) I like the idea of a hardcore Tinkerbell ... she generally irritates me with her Tinkerbell-ness, so perhaps a hardcore one would be better. Haha!