Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfume Post

So, I've gotten quite a few fragrance samples lately in random ways, and I thought I'd review them here. I don't have a fancy nose, and can't tell you about top and heart and base and all that, but I can tell you if it smells good or not. :)

Let's begin with Prada's Infusion d'Iris. It seems like Infusion d'Iris is lauded by women everywhere, but I couldn't stand it. To me, it smelled like old lady in the worst way.
I really really tried to like it. The description is so lovely, and I wanted to be sophisticated enough to like it, but I'm not. It starts off all right, soft and floral and all that, but after 1/2 hr or an hr, it becomes overbearingly powdery and just blah. :( You can buy Infusion d'Iris at Sephora from $56.
Next up is KenzoAmour. Amour is described as "soft, sensual, woody, musky", and is inspired by fragrances around Asia. The beginning of Amour is lovely, all that it should be. My problem with it is that after an hour or two it evolves into pure play-doh. I'm not kidding. You go around all happy cuz you smell nice, and then you catch of whiff of yourself and you go, "What? I smell like play-doh! Nooo!" This has happened to me more than once, because I keep forgetting that it does this. Ooops! I'd like to try KenzoAmour Indian Holi, to see if it has the same pitfall or not. KenzoAmour Florale sounds lovely as well. You can buy KenzoAmour at Sephora from $25.Now onto something I legitimately like. elle Yves Saint Laurent is rather strong, but nice. It is woody and floral. Normally I have a hard time with anything woody, musky, or amber, but I do like elle. I looked up the notes, and discovered that freesia is involved. This explains my liking for it. Somehow I lurve anything with freesia in it. It's very odd. Anyways, elle starts out strong and heady, and ends up mellowing out a bit, letting the floral side come out more. I don't know if I'd actually buy a full-size bottle of this, since I'm very picky about my fragrances (and get bored easily ... ), but I do like it. You can buy elle at Sephora from $61.Aquolina Pink Sugar. This is another of those very popular smells. Let me tell you, when they say pink sugar, they MEAN sugar. This smells crazy like sugar. It supposedly has lily of the valley and fig leaves and stuff in it, but I can't smell any of that when I wear it. All I can smell is sugar ... all kinds of sugar; white sugar, brown sugar, everything. After a while the sugar does calm down a bit and leave you with a mellower, generally nice smell. It just depends whether or not you can bear the insane sugar smell. You can buy Pink Sugar at Sephora from $19.
And finally, here is the perfume I own in full-size and use (well, I use Gap Dream too, but I'm too lazy to talk about it, except that it is divine). Ralph Lauren Ralph. Ralph has TWO kinds of freesia. I know, freesia lover's heaven, huh? It's pretty good. I've used about 1/3 or a little more of my 1 oz, and still like it pretty well. My only problem with it is that it can be a little cold. That's the only way I can say it. There's nothing to soften it up, make it a little powdery. Now, I'm not a huge fan of powdery perfumes, but I think Ralph needs just a teensy bit of powder to make it perfect. You can buy Ralph at Sephora from $22.

I'd like to try Marc Jacob's Splash in Cucumber, Calvin Klein ck one, the Kenzos I mentioned above, and quite a few others.

What perfume do you wear? Favorites, hates?


  1. I love perfume. I have loads of them. I haven't tried any of the ones you have. When you order online from Macy's they always give you tons of sample perfumes. I love all the Lancome fragrances. I don't have Tresor and one other. I do have three whose names I can't remember! I have Chanel no. 5 because my Mom wore it. I spray it around when I miss her alot. I have some Estee Lauder's, Youth Dew, Pleasures, Beautiful Spring and I just ordered another one. Can' think of the name. I have Calvin Klein's Escape. CK One I don't care for since it's unisex and smells to much like a guys cologne. I love gardenia and floral perfumes. I can spend days spraying perfume testers at Ulta.

  2. this is a post from a different lucy, haha :) i collect perfumes too though! i wear vera wang "princess" all the time; it was my first ever real perfume. i also love viktor & rolf "flowerbomb". i was at ulta a few days ago and spraying perfume on my friend to test it and we sprayed DKNY "be delicious" on her b/c i thought it was supposed to smell apple-y, but we hated it! we thought it reeked, but then unfortunately we both smelled like it :( haha we aired out eventually though.

  3. Lucy - Oo, I so agree about Ulta. Even my against-makeup-sister will go spray perfume with me @ Ulta. :) She's even pickier than me though, so it's rare to find something she actually likes. ;)
    I want to try some Estee Lauder, I haven't really ever tried any before.

  4. Anonymous - Hi different Lucy! :) I've smelled Princess briefly before, but I've never really tried it. I'll have to give it a real test soon. And I do like flowerbomb. It's expensive tho! Haha, I thought the same about Be Delicious. :D

  5. My main perfume is Calvin Klein Escape...I remember getting a lot of samples of it when I was around 8 years old. I used to wear Cool Water Woman,VS Angels Heavenly and Divine back in high school, but it's been Escape for the most part since I received a bottle for Christmas my senior year of HS. My only deviation was Body by Victoria when I studied abroad in 2007. I also have a bottle of Gap Heaven for something lighter.

  6. Asian Girl - I haven't tried Escape before, I'll have to check it out! :)

  7. Yay perfume! I think my love for perfume might be the girliest thing about me these days. Haha!
    But yeah. I think you're right about Pink Sugar. I hate it. It just makes you smell like a cotton candy booth at a carnival or something. Gross. And thought I've never experienced this, your assessment of that Kenzo stuff made me laugh. I usually love Kenzo, but I guess I've never worn it all day before. It hasn't had a chance go morph into Play-Doh.
    Personally, I tend to be a fan of Burberry. I'm not a huge fan of flowery, and I think the muskiness suits me.
    Oh! And the other day, Stephen said that he wants to buy women's perfume and wear it himself, because he wants to smell like a hot girl. It made me laugh.

  8. Candace - Haha, you're girly in other ways too ... you're just not annoyingly girly. :)
    Well, I like OTHER Kenzo stuff, but not Amour. Haha! Not a huge fan of play-doh. Although maybe it would be good to wear to babysit ... the kids would lurve me! ;) Mmm, I lurve flowery. Musky stuff can give me a headache. I like the original Burberry, except it can get kind of fruity and annoying. However, I do like Burberry Brit a great deal. As does Jessica, which is saying something, b/c she doesn't like ANYTHING.
    Haha, that's awesome! You should buy him some sexy perfume. Or at least tell him which sexy perfume he should buy. :D