Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! Remember how I said I'd been to Florida? I thought I'd show y'all some pictures of the beautiful beach. :)
This is from the walkway on the second floor of our hotel... so yes, we were extremely close to the water. I rejoiced greatly.
Whoa guys. The water is blue. Whoa. For someone who is used to Galveston's brown water and brown sand, this was a wondrous change. I could see my feet when I went in the water! Waves. :) There were scary manta rays migrating through! Although, as you can see, they weren't harmful... they swam away if we got too close... even though they themselves came pretty close to us. They can swim extremely quickly though, and look like they are flying through the water. I got quite sunburned - to the point where it hurt to take a shower. But that's fairly normal for me, as I'm so pale that I can burn through 70 spf! I got this burned on the day that I only reapplied once... I reapplied about 4 times the other days and got away with only minimal burnage after that. One last picture of the beautiful water. :)

So there is a little bit of my fantastic trip to Florida.

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