Sunday, July 19, 2009

Better Pictures: Essie Status Symbol

How about another Better Pictures post? Alright then, I'll give you one. Haha, I'm so hilarious. Here's Status Symbol, from Essie's Spring 2009 collection. This is a fabulous, fabulous semi-jelly pink. It is delectably juicy-looking. I love it. I don't even like pink nail polish, but this one is a joy to wear, and I don't get sick of it until it chips. :O I think it is my favorite pink. Here is the original post.
So, I am back from Colorado today. Like, within the past hour. Tomorrow my plane takes off @ 11:30 ... there won't be time for another post before then. I'll have to leave @ 8:30 to get to the airport @ 9:30 so I'll have 2 hours to get thru the gigantic Houston Hobby airport (it's not as big as Intercontinental, but it's still pretty huge) and not miss my plane. Oh joy. But I'm sure to have fun in St. Louis. :) This is a friend I've known since 1st grade ... we lived in St. Louis while my dad got his second Master's (he likes school a lot), and we met there. :) We still like each other, and every year one of us visits the other. Yay for friends! :)
Anyways, I'm in the process of scheduling some posts for the week ... if I can get my sister to get off the computer that we upload pictures on. Then I'll repack for St. Louis and try to finish the last 300 pages of a mammoth book I'm reading. Also, I'm hungry. I think I need to go to CVS and buy some Sour Patch kids.


  1. Hi Faith, that's nice that you've kept a friend since 1st grade. It's great that you visit each other every year. Have a really nice time.