Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Not Dead!

Hey y'all! I did not intentionally desert you this past week, but I've been pretty busy. I've got this annotated bibliography I have to write before tomorrow, plus I got back from St. Louis on Tuesday, and then yesterday I got my wisdom teeth out. :O Yeah, that was painful. Thankfully I was under complete anathesia, but I react very poorly to anathesia, so I spent yesterday throwing up every time I tried to eat something. Fuuun. Today I feel a lot better ... guess I threw up all the anathesia. ;) My mouth is not so painful anymore, but my face is swollen to a ridiculous size. If you just saw my head you would think that I weighed 200 lbs, and had a square face shape. Haha! It's pretty funny looking.

So anyways, about my post today. I got this email the other day from Essie talking about this new collection that's got diamond dust all in it. The colors are kind of meh, and they cost $15 each. Buut, there's a jewel in 3 bottles of polish. An emerald, a diamond, or a sapphire. Hello, I'd like one of those! ;) The red looks nice, and I'm wondering how sheer that pink is. The brown-y color could either be gorgeous or competely ugly. We'll see if I cave and buy any. I wish that the colors matched the jewels, you know? Like, an emerald green, a sapphire blue, and a sparkling white. Wouldn't that be cool?

[[EDIT: Scrangie has posted swatches of these! Click here to see them.]]


  1. Hope your feeling better! I had one wisdom tooth out. It wasn't too bad. I need to get the other three out. I was told a long time ago to get it done, but I didn't. I'll wait to see how those polishes look before I decide to buy one. It would make sense to match the stone and the polish. It would really be nice to win. Hope your paper doesn't take to long.

  2. Thanks, I'm feeling a little better. It's still painful though ... thank god for pain meds. Haha! If your 3 wisdom teeth aren't making your other teeth crooked, I wouldn't get them out. ;)
    And about the polishes, that's exactly what I was thinking ... I was hoping that some lovely blogger would swatch the colors. Haha!

  3. OOO I had all four out at once and it was painful for days after. Aleeve helped a lot. I feel for ya. I'm with you on these Essies. I'll probably cave too. Feel better kid!

  4. Kaybee - Thanks! Yeah, it's still pretty painful ... but I'm taking pain meds ... yay for pain meds! Haha :)