Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Better Pictures: OPI Done Out In Deco

This is the last of the Better Pictures for a while, in case you're wondering. ;)
Done Out In Deco is from OPI's spring 2009 South Beach collection, and is the only polish I bought from that collection. I found the rest of the colors to be superbly boring.
However, Done Out In Deco is anything but boring. It is this stunning greyed-out lilac. It's warmer than Parlevous-OPI? (from the French 2008 collection), and in my opinion, way better.
DOID gives my hands a clean, stream-lined, modern look. Somehow it made me think of skyscrapers. Whatever, I'm weird. But I love this polish! Here is my original post.


  1. I was thinking this one looks a lot like "Do You Lilac It," which I already had, so I agree with you on that south beach collection, although Miami Beet is really nice. I posted on that one not too long ago if you want to see it. OPI seems to repeat stuff. They keep us buying don't they!

  2. Love this shade! Kaybee is so right. All they do is change the name. Make noise about the "new" collection and think no one will remember it's been out before. Looks pretty on you. Hope your enjoying yourself!

  3. Kaybee - It is close to Do You Lilac It?, but DYLI? is purpler. But yes, you are right. I was very disappointed in the South Beach collection.
    Lucy - Indeed they do! :) Thanks a lot, and I am. :)