Saturday, March 28, 2009

OPI Done Out In Deco

Ooo, looky at this color. I'm loving it. Done Out In Deco is from OPI's South Beach Collection, 2009. It is the only interesting color in the collection. But, thankfully, it is amazing. Done Out In Deco is also only the second OPI that I own. The other one is Bastille My Heart, which is amazing and which I need to post about. I've been meaning to buy more OPIs, because, quite frankly, the brush is amazing. I lurve it. It makes it verrry easy to apply polish. This particular polish would have applied beautifully except for the fact that my base coat is horrible. HORRIBLE, darlings! I'm going to post about that soon too. :) Soo, the polish went on a bit streakier than I would have liked, but that was entirely my base coat's fault.
So, about the color. It is a muted lilac. Some people have been terming this as 'dusty', and I can definitely see why they would call it that. It's got a kind of grey-ish or mushroomy quality to it, which makes it very chic and not just your normal light purple. I feel a little French. :) Here's another picture. (note: my clean-up was not so great, and the polish is a little uneven due to my base coat, so be warned if you're planning on enlarging these pictures!)


  1. I so love this color! Look pretty on you. Another polish I haven't tried yet. I always loved OPI polish. But now my China Glaze polishes are out-numbering the OPI.

  2. I just kept loving it the more I wore it ... I was actually really sad to take it off! :)