Friday, March 27, 2009

Zoya Pru

Isn't Pru the ugliest name? I guess it's short for Prudence or something. (my apologies if any of y'all are named Pru!)
Pru is a purplish-mauve-y color infused with gold shimmer. It looks to me like the mauve version of Essie It's Genius. I would almost call this a work-safe color, for those who work in conservative offices. While it's a little blingy, the bling is pretty unobtrusive, and the color isn't in your face.
The formula is verrry smooth and nice, flows beautifully onto the nail. No streakiness at all. However, it is pretty sheer. I've got 4 coats on in this picture. 3 coats would have been enough for most people, but I just felt like the fourth was necessary for me. :)
So sorry that I didn't post yesterday, but it was stormy all day and I was hoping today would be better for pictures ... but alas, no. Cloudy again. Houston in the spring-time is a little volatile. :)


  1. Didn't know this was so shear. It's a pretty shade though. I just put all my polishes in order by color. What a big job that was.

  2. I kind of like organizing my polishes ... it makes me happy. :) I do them by color too. That way if I want to wear blue I can just go to the blue section, et voila! Blue. :)