Friday, June 26, 2009


Here are some pictures of the manicure and pedicure I treated myself to for my birthday.
I chose OPI No Room For The Blues as my manicure shade, and OPI In My Back Pocket as a pedicure, both from the recent OPI Bright Pair collection.

I'm just now realizing that this picture is slightly blurry, sorry about that! No Room For The Blues is nice sky blue shade, but it is so close to Essie Shelter Island, that I don't think it is necessary to get both. NRFTB is a touch deeper, but unless you have them side by side you can't tell the difference. And, I know, ew, I took a picture of my foot. My foot looks ginormously fat in this picture, let me assure you that it is actually NOT this fat. Haha! In My Back Pocket is an extremely pretty shade of creamy orange. I'd call it pumpkin ... not pumpkin pie colored, but actual pumpkin. Awesome.
So, about the experience of the manicure/pedicure. I had fun, and it was really nice to get my cuticles straightened out, and all of the calluses scraped off of my feet, but I seriously think that I can do just as well at home, and for a fraction of the price. It was nice as a one-time thing, but I doubt I'll ever go back. Yay for saving money! Haha.
I didn't do too much else on my birthday besides the visit to the nail salon (well, I also got my mouth stuffed with cotton and was hung by my head in order to get some pictures of my lower jaw, and got 3 vials of blood sucked out of my arm), it was mainly just a nice, relaxing day. I didn't have any babysitting to do at all, which was nice. I've been on this marathon of babysitting this summer - I'll babysit for 8 hrs one day, then 4 the next, and so on. The money is good, but I'm glad that we're going out of town soon.
My mama made me my traditional birthday dinner, steak, baked potatoes, and salad. Mmm. :) Oh, and red velvet cake of course. If any of y'all have never had this stuff, let me tell you that it is the best cake in the world. Soo good. Even better than chocolate cake, if you can believe that. ;) Tonight we are kind of finishing up my birthday celebrations and are going to a free symphony concert at Hermann park, which is this giant huge park in Houston that's got a Japanese garden, outdoor theatre, rose garden, lake with paddle boats ... you get the picture. The outdoor theatre occasionally has free Houston Symphony concerts, and one just happens to be tonight, so yay! They will be playing a piano concerto by Beetoven, Hadyn's 22nd symphony, and a couple of other things. Woot! :) I lurve live music.


  1. Looks great!! You're right though, it's much cheaper to do at home, if you can reach. I kill my back, but I can get down there and do a good pedicure! I really like these colors on you, and your feet look cute not ew! Enjoy your birthday continued celebration. I know people who go a whole week. Happy Birthweek!

  2. Kaybee - Thanks! Yeah, it is kind of annoying to do your toes ... I normally get all contorted and stuff. ;)

  3. Hey Happy Birthday for the 24th - i'm a June 25th baby :o)

    Love your birthday mani/pedi combo! V Cute.

  4. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Your nails look adorably cute. Nothing wrong with a foot picture. You just cut it off at the widest part. I'd rather do my own feet also. It's nice though for a birthday celebration. Enjoy the outdoor concert. What fun! I love hearing music outdoors. Some Beetoven and Hayden is wonderful. The gardens sound spectacular. More pictures would be nice. Have fun with the rest of your birthday celebration.

  5. Rosey - Thanks, and Happy Birthday to you too! :)
    nivipa - Thank you!
    Lucy - Thanks so much! :) The outdoor concert was very nice, the weather cooled down a bit so that we could actually enjoy the music and not think about how we were being melted into puddles. Haha! If you didn't know, Houston's going through a heat wave ... August temps, not pretty.
    You know, I do believe that we didn't get any pictures of the concert, as they didn't allow flash photography. Boo!

  6. Those colours are uber cute :) Yay! NRFTB! I am wearing it on my toes right now, and OPI Birthday Babe on my fingernails.
    Happy B-Day! Have a lovely vaca. time with the fam!

  7. Meg - Yeah, they are pretty cute. :) Very summery.
    Oo, Birthday Babe, what do you think of that one?

  8. BB is a little hard to apply, but when you get it, it's a faaaabulous colour. Some people hate that it is sheer, but I think it just makes it more versatile. It's such a loverly light silver, almost like platinum. I wasn't huge fan of silver till I saw it :) I'm a believer!