Monday, June 1, 2009

Upcoming Zoya Collections

First off is the MATTEVelvet collection, which comes out on July 1. It is a collection of 3 matte polishes. Here is a link to All Lacquered Up's post about it. Next is the Truth or Dare collection, coming out July 15. Truth or Dare is actually two collections in one, like the La-Di-Da and Ooh-La-La collections of this summer. Truth is a collection of 6 metallics. I'm wondering if these metallics wil be anything like the 'metallics' of Ooh-La-La, which are not metallics at all, but shimmers. Either way, I think these colors are a little boring.
Here is Dare, Truth's counterpart. This collection is all cremes, and seems much more promising. I think I like all of them. Click here for Scrangie's post, and here for All Lacquered Up's post.


  1. I am all over the Dare part of the collection. Especially Envy.