Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zoya Ginessa

I found my camera! Yay!
Ginessa is from Zoya's Ooh-La-La collection of this summer. Ginessa is described as a 'multi dimensional metallic frosty white'. It is definitely frosty, and definitely white, but not so much metallic. More sparkly, in my opinion. I quite liked it, as it wasn't a boring white, but a uber sparkly, rainbow-studded white. :) I did get a little bored of it though ... I just have no patience for things that are not mind-blowingly cool. Haha! The application was excellent, no dragging, no thickness. It just kind of floated onto my nails. I used 3 coats to get this opacity, but it would have looked good with just one coat, if you're ok with sheer nails.

In other news, I'm 18 today! Yay! I'll put up some pictures at the end of the day, showing what I did. So far it hasn't been super exciting, I had to wake up early to go get some blood taken for some lab work (routine check-up, nothing bad) and then get a CT scan on my lower jaw, as I'll be getting my wisdom teeth out this summer. But we got donuts on the way home, so that makes up for it. I can hear Mama making my cake downstairs, mmm. :)


  1. What a lovely color!

    And happy, happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Faith!! Hope you have a fantastic 18th birthday. Glad you found your camera! What kind of cake is your Mama making. I like chocolate. I'm not crazy about frosty white. I don't even think I own one. Looks nice on you though. Probably with a nice tan would look even better. Not supposed to get tans anymore. Enjoy your day.

  3. Yay! Happy 18th! You can vote now :) Have a loverly day <3
    This is a pretty colour, reminds me of a white version of Hollywood Blonde or Princesses Rule!
    I'm going to get a sparkly pink today! I am thinking Dream Maker from Nicole by OPI. SO excited! :)

  4. nivipa - Thank you! :)
    Lucy - Thanks so much! I generally alternate between a red velvet cake or an icecream cake for my birthdays, this year I decided on a red velvet. It's pure heaven. Very fattening though. haha!
    And yes, this does look good with a nice tan. I don't happen to have one, but my sister does, and it looks fabulous on her.
    Meg - Thank you! And indeed, yes I can vote now. I renewed my driver's license yesterday, and they registered me to vote while I was there, so yay! :)
    I would like to get Princesses Rule!, I've seen it around and it looks lovely.
    Have fun with your sparkly pink, and tell me how it turns out! :)

  5. You know, that is just no fair that that shade looks so good on you. It would look somewhat nightmarish/diseased on me. :)

  6. Candace - Haha, I'm sorry, I think. ;) It does look better on Jessica though.