Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shelter Island: A Second Chance

Dear Essie,
I want to apologize to you. A while back I posted this article about Shelter Island from the North Forks collection. It was not a very nice post. I vilifed your polish quite a bit, saying such things as "flat" and "horrible".
The other day I decided to give Shelter Island a second chance. Since sky blues are my favorite color of nail polish, I thought that surely it couldn't have been as bad as I thought, and maybe the weather was just weird when I applied it.
And what do you know, but voila! A beautiful blue was applied in 3 coats with only minor streakage issues. The color is not flat at all, but gives me the impression of calm lakes under partly cloudy skies. Also raindrops. It is a quiet color - as quiet as blue polish can be, I suppose. Very chic and lovely.
Please accept my sincerest apologies for this horrific lack in my judgement. I will now praise Shelter Island to the skies to whomever I meet!
Sincerely, Faith
p.s. So sorry that these pictures have such an overcast look ... it was actually starting to rain as I took them.


  1. I'm sure Essie has forgiven you completly! I haven't bought that collection. It is so very pretty. I'm so sick of rain. It's so overcast here today. It rained all night again. I even turned the heat on. I'm cold!

  2. Lucy - Haha, thanks, I hope so! :) You totally need to buy it ... at least Shelter Island and Sag Harbor. Greenport I think you could pass on, as so many companies have been making teal lately.
    I'm sorry it's rainy and cold there! It's been pretty dry in TX except for the occasional violent bursts of rain ... but that's just how Houston is. It was lovely weather today, if very hot.

  3. This is beautiful! I'm going to try to find it in my mall. I live in Canada and it's raining here too. Ruined my plans for a beach day!
    Check out my blog if you have time :):

  4. Meg - It IS beautiful, I'd highly recommend it. :) Aww boo, I hate it when my beach plans are ruined!

  5. Thanks for the reply- I HEART your blog. Finally someone who feels the same way about blue and green nail polish :D
    I think I may have found the perfect bright sky blue- like this one, but less muted! Have you tried No Room for the Blues by OPI? It's in their new Paige Denim collection. I think I am getting it the next time I pop into Trade Secrets at my mall! :)
    If you get it, you should do a comparison swatch thing with all your sky blues :)

  6. Meg - Hey, thanks! :) No I haven't tried it, but it's the one from that collection that I want the most. I think I might have to make an 8ty8 run soon. And sure, I'll definitely do some comparison swatches. :)