Saturday, June 20, 2009


OPI Ink, ah what a wonderful color. Ink was released a few years ago in the OPI Night Brights collection, which was a pretty fabulous collection, if you ask me. I've got My Private Jet and (obviously) Ink, and I've got my eye on the rest of the colors, except for Light My Sapphire, which seems a little boring compared to the rest.
ANYWAY, about Ink. Ink is this amazing deep blue/purple with a crapload of shimmer. Like, seriously, this thing is dang sparkly. I refuse to call Ink blurple, because blurples always seem boring, like they can't make up their mind. Ink is so not boring. It's dark, but not so dark that it looks black indoors.
And the shimmer, oh the shimmer. Can we just talk about it for a moment? Thanks.
Ok, here's the thing. The shimmer is iridescent , yo! At first glance, Ink looks like an indigo base with large amounts of hot pink shimmer, which gives the impression of purple. But wait, wave your fingers (or the bottle, for that matter) around, and what do you see? The hot pink turns blue! When the shimmer looks blue, the base seems to be royal purple. See why I'm confused as to what base color this actually is?
I don't really care what the base color is, the overall polish is so amazing that it doesn't even matter to me. I wore Ink for 3 days without getting bored of it, and I would have worn it longer, except that I was babysitting and did some dishes ... and ruined my manicure. O well.
So, in summary, INK IS HOT! And claims a spot in my favorites. :)


  1. That's super cool, but you know, I think I might have to see it in person before I'd understand the amazingness of it.

  2. Love Ink! I just adore navy polish. I had one a long time ago by Revlon and it was called Ink. It was a creme and just gorgeous. Like an idiot I gave it away. I'm always on the lookout for that color. I have to get this one. I love all the different shimmers in it. Looks pretty on you.

  3. Candace - Well, I took kind of bad pictures, and you can't see all the cool sparkle. :( o well. ;)
    Lucy - Oh yes, you must definitely get this. :)

  4. I looove this colour. Another pretty dark cobalt (brighter than this) is Indigo from Sally Hansen Extreme Wear. It's a great colour, really rich and jewel-toned.

  5. Meg - I will definitely have to check Indigo out. :)