Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! Remember how I said I'd been to Florida? I thought I'd show y'all some pictures of the beautiful beach. :)
This is from the walkway on the second floor of our hotel... so yes, we were extremely close to the water. I rejoiced greatly.
Whoa guys. The water is blue. Whoa. For someone who is used to Galveston's brown water and brown sand, this was a wondrous change. I could see my feet when I went in the water! Waves. :) There were scary manta rays migrating through! Although, as you can see, they weren't harmful... they swam away if we got too close... even though they themselves came pretty close to us. They can swim extremely quickly though, and look like they are flying through the water. I got quite sunburned - to the point where it hurt to take a shower. But that's fairly normal for me, as I'm so pale that I can burn through 70 spf! I got this burned on the day that I only reapplied once... I reapplied about 4 times the other days and got away with only minimal burnage after that. One last picture of the beautiful water. :)

So there is a little bit of my fantastic trip to Florida.

Friday, May 28, 2010

China Glaze Atlantis

Ok dears, these are truly terrible pictures. Please excuse them. I had no sun for days, and by the time I reconciled myself that I wasn't going to have sun for awhile, my nails had chipped pretty terribly. So... try to concentrate on the polish and not on the state of my nails? *embarrassed face*

This is China Glaze Atlantis, from the specialty glitters collection. As the name implies, these are pure glitter polishes, and therefore wondrous polishes. Atlantis is especially lovely, as it contains smallish medium holographic glitter in a teal/aqua jelly base. I was surprised that the base contained so much pigment... I was expecting it to be weaker. As it is, I love love love the way the rainbow-ed glitter hangs suspended in the watery aqua, evoking exactly the sort of images that the name implies. It is a perfect Atlantis, conjuring up visions of rainbow scaled mermaids and silvery spires piercing deep waters.
Here's another gross-shiver-inducing picture, but I was trying to capture the way that the holographic glitter looks. Aaah, love it. This took about three coats, and chipped pretty quickly. But so worth it. SO worth it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

China Glaze Dorothy Who?


I'm here. Alive. Done with school. Back from a week long trip to Florida with a group from Trinity. Florida was fabulous, and I will post some pictures when I finally stop being lazy and upload the pictures from my camera. :) Right now I have something unheard of, something scandalous. Pictures of nail polish. I know! Strange. But here they are.

Today I've got the last of the Wizard of Ooh Ahz for y'all; Dorothy Who?
She's truly lovely. Dorothy Who? is a blingtastic silver glitter in a medium blue jelly base. Gorgeous. The glitter is heavily dispersed and creates a stunning effect. It is, essentially, a blue Ruby Pumps.
You can see the glitter better in this picture. Dorothy Who? had the same problem as all the other polishes in Wizard - it chipped like none other. I'd say I have chips within 2 days with this polish. Sad face! But it is so fabulous that I think it's worth it. :)

Even though the base of this is a jelly and therefore rather sheer, I found that I didn't need too many coats to get it opaque. I believe I used three coats, but I could have stopped at two - I just wanted maximum intensity of glitter. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I just thought that y'all should know.


School is out. Over, done, gone. No more finals, no more papers, no more staying up til 5 am studying. Lordy, Lordy, Hallelujah!
I am officially a rising sophomore - no longer the baby of the school.

But... what am I going to do for three desolate months without Trinity? I love Trinity so much - it's a hugely weird feeling to leave for an entire summer. What will I do without my friends? Plus, Winn 323 feels like home, and it's weirding me out to think about never living here again. I know that I'm being totally dramatic and that I'll come back in the fall, but hey, drama defines me.
Not only will I miss all of my friends here, I will also have to get readjusted to my family - things are different now, not in a bad way, just in a different way. We've always been an extremely close family, and now there is a sort of separation between us. I've become independent and more grown-up in the last 9 months, and I'm not sure how that will turn out once I get home.
Sorry, I didn't mean to dump on y'all, but these are just the things at the top of my mind presently. However, one good thing about school being out? I can freaking start posting again. Woot! Oh. my. god. It's still sinking in. I don't have to go to class for a whole summer! No homework! (no ihop runs at 3 in the morning, no random solo dancing in my underwear to wake myself up while Alli watches dying of laughter, no fitting the maximum possible number of people on my bed, no cuddle fests with Libby, Sarah, Alli and Michael, no fits of mock despair in which I pretend to jump off the balcony while first delivery a monologue to the poor people across the quad, no sunning in the rape fields pretending to study, no laughing until Texas tells us to shut up.)

I am excited to go home (and to sleep!), yet I will miss Trinity so dearly over the summer, and cannot wait to come back.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh, the Goodness

Darlings. I know it's been a while. But just imagine! Only 9 more days of schoolwork, and then I'm FREE! :) Happiness indeed. While y'all are waiting, I thought I would just give you a glimpse of what it is like to live in Winn 323 with Faith and Alli. Taking a glance into the freezer, what do you see? Well, only one thing.
So much ice cream. There are 8 pints of ice cream in there, guys. 8 pints. We have a serious addiction. You might note how we vary the flavors and brands, too. :)