Thursday, January 21, 2010

Books I Read Over Break

I read 9 books over break. Woot! I love books oh so much. It was glorious to be able to read novels all day long for weeks on end. Here is the list.

Loving Frank ~ Nancy Horan

I, Claudius ~ Robert Graves

Wild Swans ~ Jung Chang

Shanghai Girls ~ Lisa See

The Mayor of Casterbridge ~ Thomas Hardy

Geisha: A Life ~ Mineko Iwasaki

Unwind ~ Neal Shusterman

The Looking Glass Wars ~ Frank Beddor

The Poisonwood Bible ~ Barbara Kingsolver

Has anyone read any of these? What did you think?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moon Over ME

Just look at this gorgeous polish! OPI Moon Over Mumbai is from the India Collection of '08, and is a light grey almost-creme with hidden reddish shimmer.

I love it. I generally don't like sheers or light colors, but this one is just beautiful. I gaze at my hands constantly all day whenever I wear it. It does take 4 coats to get to this level of opacity.
Well, I was wondering how y'all would feel about a profile of one of my college friends each week. My friends feel left out of my blog, and I would like to post about other things than nail polish, as I've said before. So, what do you think?


So, as it turns out, I missed my blog's first birthday. I thought it was January 19th, but it was January 9th. Oops! That's ok, birthdays can be celebrated anytime. Or you could pull an Alice in Wonderland and celebrate unbirthdays. :)


Thanks for reading me this past year!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Chine Glaze Cowardly Lyin'

Hallo, darlings. I go back to school tomorrow! It has been a good break, and I plan to try to post about a few things that happened, as soon as I get the time, and upload the pictures. :)

Here is Cowardly Lyin', from CG's Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection. Lovely, eh? CL is a very yellow light gold, with gold circle glitter. It is a very quiet gold glitter, meaning that it does not lend your fingers the appearance of flashing gold foil, but instead prettily adorn it with gold that is, on close look, a glitter. Fascinating.
I believe that I used 3 coats to get opacity. The one thing that has given me trouble with the all of the polishes from The Wizard of Ooh Ahz is the wear and tear of the formula. It invariably chips within two days... which isn't a problem if you change polish that often, but since I started school I find that I don't have enough time to change my polish more than about every 4 days. However, the colors are so fabulous that I think they will overcome any objections about wear.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OPI Comet Loves Cupid

Hola, dolls. Just look at that gorgeous red up there! :) I'm a big fan of Comet Loves Cupid from OPI's Holiday Wishes collection. It is a diva red - really really bright, but a creme, thus sophisticated. LOVE. I couldn't quite capture the true red of this color on my camera. It is actually quite a bit blue and is not nearly so orange as this pictures make it out to be. CLC went on smoothly and covered in one coat, but I used two so as to keep the bad voodoo from getting me. I wore this baby as my Christmas manicure.Once again, this polish had a rock solid formula. It didn't stay quite as flawless for 4 days as the other 2 I've tried from Holiday Wishes, but that is because it lasted through much cooking and partying and unwrapping of gifts. :) I must say, bravo to OPI on this collection, especially since their last two major collections have been completely boring. I hated South Beach except for Done Out In Deco, and was completely bored by EspaƱa. The Suede and Mattes I'm sure would be interesting to someone who likes mattes, but I am not a fan - I like my polish glossy! I know I'm in the minority, but hey, at least I like green and blue, right? ;)

Friday, January 1, 2010

OPI Holiday Glow

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve. :)
Today, starting the new year off, I've got Holiday Glow, again from OPI's 2009 Holiday Wishes collection. Holiday Glow is black with gold and red flakie glitter. LOVE IT! The formula is, once again, indestructible, as I went 4 days on it with no chippage and no tip wear.
However, it is surprisingly and sad-Faith-making-ly sheer. In fact, it took me 4 coats to get up to this level of opaqueness. What the freak, OPI? Also, it isn't exactly BLACK black... more like a black brown, which I think has something to do with the opacity problems. But the black brown thing isn't a problem, as I think it harmonizes better with the gold and red flakies.
If you can get past the unfortunate sheerness of Holiday Glow, it is a wondrous polish full of beauteous flakies that glitter fantastically wherever you go.