Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Coat Trials: Essie Good To Go!

Oh hello, darlings. Today I've got another installment of the Top Coat trials for you, of Essie's Good To Go! quick dry top coat.

I was pleasantly surprised by this top coat, as I wasn't expecting much, for some reason. However, Good To Go! worked wonderfully for me - it created a thick, glassy coating over my polish that kept me chip-free for days. I loved it. But about 2/3 of the way through the bottle, the polish got gloopy, nasty, and bubbly. Exactly what I didn't like about Seche.

Will I ever find a top coat better than Seche?! I'm starting to lose hope. Essie was almost perfect, but at about the same price point as Seche and with the same drawbacks, it's not worth it to me to buy Essie over Seche.

Someday, my prince (of polish) will come...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Milani Jewel FX Gold

Omygosh you guys, I have the most exciting polish for you today. This is Milani's ever so creatively named Gold, part of their Jewel FX collection. It's made up of medium sized hexagonal glitter in a clear base, and is possibly the most thrilling polish ever. I mean, just look at it.
I got super intense coverage in just 2 or 3 coats... I can't quite remember how many I used, but I know it wasn't very many. If you want to layer this over another color, you'll only need 1 coat to get awesome layerability. Yes, I just made up a word. It did chip on me in about 2 days, but I think Gold's wondrous sparkle makes up for the poor wear.
The only thing I don't like about Gold is its name. I mean, really Milani, Gold is all you could come up with? It looks like a treasure chest full of gold coins, or better yet, dragon scales. Yes, your nails will look like dragon talons when you wear this. And only in the best way.