Monday, August 31, 2009

Hi guys.
This isn't Faith. instead, you get the insights of Michael Petty tonight. No, Faith does not have a boyfriend; I'm just a weird ass guy who hangs out with her all the time. So, It seems fitting to introduce myself a bit more. I am also a freshman at Trinity, I'm on the HUMA hall, I enjoy music (all kinds except country), and am planning on a major in either history or political science.

but enough about me. lets talk about some important things.

the backstreet boys are currently playing on Alli's computer - a highly underrated band if ever there was one. their hypnotic beats and homoerotic dance moves know no bounds on my soul. but I wonder if they knew that they would have that effect when they were formed for the explicit purpose of making shit tons of cash for their label? it's a question I often ponder at night - can someone wholeheartedly put their soul into their work if there is not personal drive or need for it? can a halfway decent artist be incentivized by money to produce a masterpiece? the crucial thought here is, and this important, what is the nature of why we do things? that's what I want to know. why do we create needless societal constructs that are flimsily held in place by the groups sheer willpower so that we can classify all sorts of needless things into "needed" and "amoral" and "criminal" and "loving" and so on.

Maybe Decartes was correct, in a way, on his postulate that man exists in his current state only because he thinks he exists in his current state?

kinda just blew your fucking mind, didn't I?

but it's true. people like to have a group, a place to fit in and be accepted by others. that's not in question here; what is in question is: why is that so, and what is the ideal means to accomplish that goal? because currently, society is doing a piss poor job of holding everyone together in any sort of reasonable way. Our civilization is most accurately described, as George Carlin said, as a "competition for shit. we need alot of it. and then we need a big house to put all our shit in, and security to protect it. and we need a job so we can buy more useless shit and get a bigger house with better security to keep our shit even safer. and then we get condescending and give some paper shit to the people with shitty shit so they can get drunk and forget about how shitty life is."

that's probably not a verbatim quote. but whatever. the point is that mankind's constructs are erroneous at best and lethal to thousands who get the short end of the stick daily at worst. probably the latter if you're a liberal and the former and if you're a rational person.

Of course, if you're a republican than God set it all in motion 6000 years ago and hates those people because they didn't maintain faith in his silly rules but it's OK, because you're supposed to help them, but there's no rush because, as most eloquently stated by a pastor I once listened too, "There will always be poor people". and you're a dick.

that's pretty offensive.

sorry, my bad.

just my two cents. like I said at the start, I'm just some weird ass.

-Petty Out.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris, Darling.

I just realized that this picture was blurry. So sorry!
But the color is lurvely. In fact, I lurve it. Greatly.
We'll Always Have Paris is a vampy browny purple from the Fall 2008 French Collection. I love that collection. I pretty much have or want every color from it. Fabuloso.
I believe I only needed 2 coats to get good color coverage, and there were no streaks. Um, hello, that's awesome! :)
My brain's failing now. I want to think of something witty and interesting about this nail polish, but I can't. Not because it is ugly, but because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Oops. See, I meant to go to bed at 12 ... but when does that ever happen? Never, apparently. Everyone was like, "you're going to church tomorrow? what's that? STAY UUUUP! Be sociable!" So I did. They all got to sleep in (and they aren't awake yet, sadly), but I had to wake up at 8:30. Boo! Church was, however, quite lovely.
Anyways, I wanted to say, that yes, I've been doing like one post a week. I'm sorry about that. I know that lots of people blog regularly when they're in college, and I'm going to try my hardest to do so. I just think it'll take some time for me to get back into my groove (and to actually have some free time). So, please bear with me!
Tonight is the start of Hallympics, I should be able to get a post out of that, as I decorated an awesome t-shirt for it yesterday, and it sounds pretty fun. Until then, adios! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Favorite Orientation Event

You might be wondering what a freakingly awesome wax hand is doing on here. It is on here because it is MY wax hand. How cool is that?
There was this big party last Sunday night called the Coates Caper. The Coates Center is where the mail is, where the unhealthy food is, and where it is just generally cool. At the Coates Caper they had wax hands, cotton candy, nachos, and a BIG INSANELY AWESOME DANCY PARTY! :)
I had never had a wax hand made before. I thought maybe it was like a mold, you know like you do with plaster of paris. Nope. You stick your hand in hot wax 10x, and then they pull it off of you. And dye it. How cool is that? We had just been to a lecture on diversity, so my friends and I decided to get ours dyed half black and half white, to show just how diverse we are. Haha! And the 3 is for Winn 3rd. Which is our dorm. Get it? A 3 in sign language is a W, and then 3 is 3 ... no? Well, whatever. We got it. ;)
So yeah. There you have it. Wax hands, cotton candy, crazy dance party. I was going to write more, but tiredness just set in. Which is totally weird. Because I only had one class today, and I got something crazy like 10 hours of sleep last night. Whatever. I'm odd.
Anywho, I've got to read my Biology Syllabus, and do some laundry. The laundry part is pretty essential. I basically don't have any clothes right now.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rimmel Hard Edged

Hellooooo! Did you forget about me?
College has been crazy thus far. Well, I haven't actually gotten to the college part of college, just the orientation part. But the orientation part has been crazy. ;) I promise to start blogging more regularly now.
Today I've got Rimmel Hard Edged for you. Hard Edged is a fantastic color. I stupidly let this sit in my untried pile for a few months, because I thought it was just going to be plain brown. Umm, wrong! Look at this next picture.
Um, hello? It gets all sparkly and awsome in the sunlight! The sparkly stuff is purple. Yay! Plus there's a slight green duochrome both in shade and sunlight. I just couldn't capture it on my camera. Boo.
Hard Edged applied very nicely, I was done in 2 coats.
Well, I'm off to practice piano. I've got a piano audition in 1 1/2 hrs. It's no biggie, just an audition for piano lessons, but I haven't played in a week, and don't want to be rusty. I've also got a choir audition at 3, which hopefully will go alright. I lost my voice the other night after screaming a lot at an orientation event. I haven't sung yet today, but I'm hoping that when I DO sing, it will sound better than it did yesterday. Yesterday, when I opened my mouth to sing, nothing came out. It was horrible! I had completely forgotten that I shouldn't be screaming since I had a choir audition ... so I paid for my stupidness. I'm hoping that if I still do stuck today, I can explain it to the choir man and get a later audition time or something. I really want to get into choir!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day of Silliness

The other day my sister Jessica and I were bored, so we decided to go HEB and get some weird candy, and then play some board games. I shall now present to you the events that followed in picture form. :)Here is our haul. (top row, l-r) Fusen gum (many flavors!), Goya Dulce de Leche wafers, tamarind candy. (bottom row, l-r) Ginger candy, strawberry flavored Pocky, and milk chocolate Cadbury.Me, looking at the ginger candy suspiciously.
And it is pronounced good!

Mmm, very good.
POCKY! Oh, how we lurve Pocky.Lurvely sister eating Pocky.But, oh no! The tamarind candy is yucky. Very yucky indeed!In fact, I had to pretend to vomit about it.Moving on to more cheerful topics, the melon flavored gum was very yummy! :)Alas, Jessica beat me at Sorry. Noooo! My last piece was halfway around the board when she made it in ... so sad.And alas! I was beaten once again, this time at Monopoly. Jessica got the accursed orange monopoly and put hotels on it. Booo! However, I did beat her at Monopoly the next day, so that made it all better.

You guys, I leave for Trinity in the morning, so please forgive me when I fall of the map for the next week or so. I'll see y'all once I've settled in! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

Today I give to you Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away. Quite a mouthful, eh? It's my first Xtreme Wear. There was this lovely, captivating display of XW's at my CVS, and I couldn't resist. I bought two colors, as there was a sale, and I plan to go back soon and get more. Yay for nail polish! ;)
Of COURSE I would buy Blue Me Away. I mean, look at it! It's sky blue! Durr.
This is a very lurvely sky blue. It is way brighter and deeper than any other sky blues I have. I promise that I'll do a swatch test soon of all the sky blues I have. I want to buy China Glaze Sky High Tops first though. BMA might be close to Sky High Tops. China Glaze Caribbean Blue has nothing on it in terms of intensity (I still lurve my Caribbean Blue though), and the same is true for Essie Shelter Island. I have a couple of other sky blues, just can't remember them right now.
This polish really was strong, very happy about that. I had just been wearing a bunch of colors that chipped in ridiculously short amounts of time before I put this on, so a strong polish made me happy. :) It also covered very well, perfect in 2 coats. Yay for intensity! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Great Lacquer Hunt

I have a confession to make!
I've become dissatisfied with Seche Vite. So much so that I'd like to find a new top coat.
I know! It's pure blasphemy! It's treason! But, it is so.

If you are unfamiliar with the glories of Seche Vite, let me enlighten you. Seche is a extremely fast drying top coat ... I mean, like 5 minutes after you slap it on, you're good to go. It also forms a hard, shiny, gelatinous coating over your polish that keeps the polish from chipping for quite a long time.
Why would I want to abandon this wonderful invention, you say? Well, I have a couple of reasons.
First off, the brush in this thing is ridiculous. After you've made your way through about half of the bottle, it is pretty much impossible to get anything out unless you revert to tipping the bottle to odd angles and screwing the top back on every time you dip the brush in. Very irritating.
Secondly, Seche Vite bubbles and thickens like no other. After 1/2 the bottle is gone, you'll notice some thickening of the polish and a little bubbling. Nothing too serious, but annoying all the same. But then when the bottle is maybe 2/3 gone, this stuff goes insane. Bubbles everywhere and it turns into glue. I've tried adding huge amounts of (Seche brand) thinner. While that does help a little with the thickening, it does nothing for the bubbles. And who wants bubbles in their manicure?

So here's what I'm proposing to do. I will start a great lacquer hunt for another amazing top coat. It must dry quickly, be shiny and gelatinous, be cheap (Seche Vite is expensive-ola), and not thicken or bubble. That's quite a list, we'll see what I come up with! I'll be posting about all the new top coats I try.

Do y'all have any suggestions for me?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfume Post

So, I've gotten quite a few fragrance samples lately in random ways, and I thought I'd review them here. I don't have a fancy nose, and can't tell you about top and heart and base and all that, but I can tell you if it smells good or not. :)

Let's begin with Prada's Infusion d'Iris. It seems like Infusion d'Iris is lauded by women everywhere, but I couldn't stand it. To me, it smelled like old lady in the worst way.
I really really tried to like it. The description is so lovely, and I wanted to be sophisticated enough to like it, but I'm not. It starts off all right, soft and floral and all that, but after 1/2 hr or an hr, it becomes overbearingly powdery and just blah. :( You can buy Infusion d'Iris at Sephora from $56.
Next up is KenzoAmour. Amour is described as "soft, sensual, woody, musky", and is inspired by fragrances around Asia. The beginning of Amour is lovely, all that it should be. My problem with it is that after an hour or two it evolves into pure play-doh. I'm not kidding. You go around all happy cuz you smell nice, and then you catch of whiff of yourself and you go, "What? I smell like play-doh! Nooo!" This has happened to me more than once, because I keep forgetting that it does this. Ooops! I'd like to try KenzoAmour Indian Holi, to see if it has the same pitfall or not. KenzoAmour Florale sounds lovely as well. You can buy KenzoAmour at Sephora from $25.Now onto something I legitimately like. elle Yves Saint Laurent is rather strong, but nice. It is woody and floral. Normally I have a hard time with anything woody, musky, or amber, but I do like elle. I looked up the notes, and discovered that freesia is involved. This explains my liking for it. Somehow I lurve anything with freesia in it. It's very odd. Anyways, elle starts out strong and heady, and ends up mellowing out a bit, letting the floral side come out more. I don't know if I'd actually buy a full-size bottle of this, since I'm very picky about my fragrances (and get bored easily ... ), but I do like it. You can buy elle at Sephora from $61.Aquolina Pink Sugar. This is another of those very popular smells. Let me tell you, when they say pink sugar, they MEAN sugar. This smells crazy like sugar. It supposedly has lily of the valley and fig leaves and stuff in it, but I can't smell any of that when I wear it. All I can smell is sugar ... all kinds of sugar; white sugar, brown sugar, everything. After a while the sugar does calm down a bit and leave you with a mellower, generally nice smell. It just depends whether or not you can bear the insane sugar smell. You can buy Pink Sugar at Sephora from $19.
And finally, here is the perfume I own in full-size and use (well, I use Gap Dream too, but I'm too lazy to talk about it, except that it is divine). Ralph Lauren Ralph. Ralph has TWO kinds of freesia. I know, freesia lover's heaven, huh? It's pretty good. I've used about 1/3 or a little more of my 1 oz, and still like it pretty well. My only problem with it is that it can be a little cold. That's the only way I can say it. There's nothing to soften it up, make it a little powdery. Now, I'm not a huge fan of powdery perfumes, but I think Ralph needs just a teensy bit of powder to make it perfect. You can buy Ralph at Sephora from $22.

I'd like to try Marc Jacob's Splash in Cucumber, Calvin Klein ck one, the Kenzos I mentioned above, and quite a few others.

What perfume do you wear? Favorites, hates?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cover Girl Bronze Beauty

Here's a polish I picked up before my addiction really started ... I believe I bought it because a magazine told me it would look good with my skin tone. While it does look good with my skin tone, it's pretty boring for such a cool color as gold. Zoya Richelle is much cooler. :)
One fun thing about Bronze Beauty is that it is made up of silver and gold particles with larger copper particles stuck in, giving the overall effect of gold. The name terms it bronze, but I'd call it gold.
I'm trying to consolidate my nail stash, so I gave this one to my mama. :)

In other news, I'm writing this from my brand new 13" Macbook Pro! Yay!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anthropologie Lustings

Warning, this is a very picture-heavy post, full of my current Anthropologie lemmings. How I wish I could afford them ALL. Some of the sale ones are actually very decently priced, but alas, I don't have very much money at the moment.

On to the clothing! the Bold Boutonniere dress. I think that this is scrumptious. It looks so fall-ish and cuteFlowers-By-Numbers tee. On sale for $29.95 Very picnic-y.
Shellseeker Cardigan. On sale for $49.95 And how cute would I look tooling around campus in this?Sylvie Top. On sale for $29.95 Light and airy for the 3 months of summer we Texans still have.

the Terasina dress. I need a nice black dress. This one is ruffly! :)
the Well-Matched dress. I just think that this is cute. Period.
Asymmetric Architecture Jacket. On sale for $49.95 If this was black and leather, I think my wishes would be complete, and I would most likely buy it. As it is, I am content to wish for it.
Park Days Cardigan. On sale for $69.95 I would do exactly what the title suggests. :)
Quiet Light Dress. On sale for $49.95. So pretty and floaty.
Simplicity Dress. On sale for $69.95 It's yellow and has a ruffle and cinced waist. What more could you want?
Upon-The-Shore Jacket. On sale for $69.95 Ack, I can't even stand it! Why must you be so beautiful?
From-The-Sky Skirt. On sale for $99.95 This is one expensive skirt. It was originally $228. But it is so beautiful! If I had $99.95 to spend on a skirt, I would spend it on this one.
Sand Spurrey Espadrilles. On sale for $89.95 There are ROSES on these shoes. 'Nuff said.

Do you see? I should never browse stores online again. It's very bad for me. Makes me covet and lust for things. Luckily, I have an Anthropologie near me, so as soon as I get money, I will head over there. ;) That will probably not be until Christmas though. Because the money I have now has to pay for a bike and a bike lock and maybe part of a laptop, and then shampoo and other random things while I'm in college.
*sigh* Being practical is so boring.

A Book!

Has anyone read this book? I finished it last night (well, I started it last night too ...), and I loved it. I also cried. Twice. Once for a very long time. It's so dang sad! It's also a lovely book ... lovely writing, lovely images, lovely everything. Even sad parts were lovely. I'd recommend it, if you don't mind weeping a bit. I plan to read Shanghai Girls (another one by Lisa See) next. It's on hold at the library, and I believe that I am #2 in line. Hopefully I'll get it before I leave for college! ;)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is about a girl in China and her laotong, or old-same. Laotongs are girls that are matched for life in friendships. Since girls were married out to men they had never seen before, and probably would never love, latongs fulfilled the emotional love that everyone needs. One thing that I thought was particularly interesting about this book was that there was no lead male character. I kept waiting for the main man to enter the book, but he never did. It's pretty awesome.
I'm fascinated by Asian culture (including India). I read as many books as I can on it, particularly books about India. These are mainly novels, but I read a few bios and stuff. Non-fiction that is not comedy, poetry, plays, or biographies is hard for me. I'll read some history books, but other than that, I stick to novels.
By now, you've probably guessed that I'm a reader. I read books constantly. When someone asks me what I do in my spare time, I reply that I read. :) It helps that I can somehow read extremely quickly. Like, weirdly quickly. Once I made my sister very angry and confused by reading a book at a speed of 200 pages per minute. (it was an extremely good book.)
Anyways, I've strayed from my point. Whatever that was. Normally I review the books that I read on this website called goodreads, which I would highly recommend for the readers out there. It's very fun. :) Check it out and friend me.
But I think I might post occasionally about books on here too. Books that I think were really good or really bad. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yay For Free Nail Polish

Heyy, look! Free nail polish! I vaguely remember entering a contest sponsered by Jell-O and Essie ... and this is what came of it. It arrived whilst I was wallowing in pain and self-pity in the throes of wisdom teeth removal. Very timely! Did I mention how weepy that medicine/exhaustion made me? My sweet mama and sister bought me some very beautiful red cannas. When they showed them to me (like, "look! We brought you feel better flowers! Aren't they pretty?"), my response was, "Waaaaaaah! My teeth hurt!" I also took a bath while mama was gone, apparently something I wasn't supposed to do, as I could have fainted, etc. Ooops!
Anyways, I'm rambling. (I'm very good at rambling, if you haven't noticed by now. ;))
The name of this free nail polish is Jell-O Strawberry Acai. I know, what kind of a name is that? But it does look like strawberry jello a little bit. It's a pinky-red with a slightly jelly finish, and very shiny. Not the most original color in the world, but definitely pretty. And I lurve anything free. My only problem with this nail polish was that it was slightly streaky. Oh, and this is 2 coats. You can see some VNL, but only a little, so I didn't add any extra coats. Maybe because I was being slightly lazy and doing a slap-dash job on my nails. Bad Faithy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Awesome Cute Polishes That I Need

You guys! Have you seen Scrangie's post on Eyeko nail polish? It's a British makeup brand with FREE worldwide shipping. I know, awesome, right? You really need to check out Scrangie's swatches. The bottles are so dang cute! I think I might have to order Disco and Pastel and Pretty and Vamp. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

School Shopping

My mama and I went school shopping today! It's much more fun to shop for college than it is to shop for highschool. :)
We bought me some bedding, here's the bedding I bought. It's from Target, nothing to fancy, but I think I'll be able to live with it for 4 years. A lot of the stuff that they advertise for college students is really bright and in your face ... I don't like my room to be too bright, I like a space that I can relax in. I bought the matching sheet set for the bedding as well.
I also bought this dry-erase board. Fun stuff! Oh, and we got me a hamper, pillows, etc. My friend Olivia bought me a bedside lamp for graduation, so I don't have to worry about that. I also got towels and a luggage set for graduation, so that's nice. It's really weird to actually own things like towels and bedding and hampers ... I'm used to my parents owning it, you know? But this stuff I can take with me when I leave college and use in my apartment or whatever. Weeird. Ok, maybe y'all don't think it's weird, but I do. Haha!
We've also been researching a computer for me. My daddy took me to the Apple store yesterday, and we looked @ the Macbook Pros. I'm liking that students get free ipod touches with their new Macbooks. :)

So I want to ask y'all something. I was thinking about making this a non-polish-exclusive blog. I'd like to post about my daily life as well. And perhaps some beauty stuff too. What do y'all think? Would that make you angry? Or are you cool with it?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

OPI Bastille My Heart

Hello darlings! I have one of my favorite polishes for you today. I can't believe I haven't posted about it yet. It is quite fabulous. Bastille My Heart is from the OPI French Collection of 2008. That was a very good collection. OPI describes Bastille My Heart as red, but I most definitely do not. Sure, that picture right there in the bright bright sun makes it look red, but look at this picture.
See? It's a gorgeous berry that looks like a creme but actually has secret shimmer. Yay! This is 3 coats, if you use 4 it'll get vampy on you, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences. :)
I don't know why I love BMH so, since it's not especially unique or blue or anything, but I love love love it. Everytime I put it on I feel so fancy and pretty. Always nice to feel that way. ;) It applies smoothly with minimal streaking. Very good!