Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Book!

Has anyone read this book? I finished it last night (well, I started it last night too ...), and I loved it. I also cried. Twice. Once for a very long time. It's so dang sad! It's also a lovely book ... lovely writing, lovely images, lovely everything. Even sad parts were lovely. I'd recommend it, if you don't mind weeping a bit. I plan to read Shanghai Girls (another one by Lisa See) next. It's on hold at the library, and I believe that I am #2 in line. Hopefully I'll get it before I leave for college! ;)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is about a girl in China and her laotong, or old-same. Laotongs are girls that are matched for life in friendships. Since girls were married out to men they had never seen before, and probably would never love, latongs fulfilled the emotional love that everyone needs. One thing that I thought was particularly interesting about this book was that there was no lead male character. I kept waiting for the main man to enter the book, but he never did. It's pretty awesome.
I'm fascinated by Asian culture (including India). I read as many books as I can on it, particularly books about India. These are mainly novels, but I read a few bios and stuff. Non-fiction that is not comedy, poetry, plays, or biographies is hard for me. I'll read some history books, but other than that, I stick to novels.
By now, you've probably guessed that I'm a reader. I read books constantly. When someone asks me what I do in my spare time, I reply that I read. :) It helps that I can somehow read extremely quickly. Like, weirdly quickly. Once I made my sister very angry and confused by reading a book at a speed of 200 pages per minute. (it was an extremely good book.)
Anyways, I've strayed from my point. Whatever that was. Normally I review the books that I read on this website called goodreads, which I would highly recommend for the readers out there. It's very fun. :) Check it out and friend me.
But I think I might post occasionally about books on here too. Books that I think were really good or really bad. What do you think?


  1. Hmmm....Well, that book DOES have a gorgeous cover. I can say that much without having read it. But perhaps I shall read it now.
    AND I liked Maximum City, which is about Mumbai. It's nonfiction, but I think it stays pretty interesting just cause it's this guy's experiences living there, interlaced with some history of the city. Anyway, that's all I've got for that one. :D

  2. I love book reviews! I'll have to add this one to my list. If you saw my lists you would faint. I add to them daily. If I lived 5 lifetimes I couldn't read them all. I'm a fiction book reader also. I used to read faster but not anymore. My girlfriend reads incredibly fast. She always says to me "aren't you done yet"! Very annoying. Especially since she gets on me about taking back the book to the library. She works there in the business office.

  3. Candace - Indeed, it does. :) I haven't read Maximum City ... now I'll have to check it out. ;)
    Lucy - Yay! I'm glad you do. I doubt I'd faint ... I've got some pretty long lists myself. ;) Haha, I confess I'm guilty of the "aren't you done yet?!" occasionally, but mainly only with my family. I find it odd that I can read so quickly and the rest of my family reads so slowly! ;)

  4. I love reading and always welcome book reviews. It helps me make up mind what to get.

  5. Nosaby - Awesome! I will post others then. :)