Monday, January 11, 2010

Chine Glaze Cowardly Lyin'

Hallo, darlings. I go back to school tomorrow! It has been a good break, and I plan to try to post about a few things that happened, as soon as I get the time, and upload the pictures. :)

Here is Cowardly Lyin', from CG's Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection. Lovely, eh? CL is a very yellow light gold, with gold circle glitter. It is a very quiet gold glitter, meaning that it does not lend your fingers the appearance of flashing gold foil, but instead prettily adorn it with gold that is, on close look, a glitter. Fascinating.
I believe that I used 3 coats to get opacity. The one thing that has given me trouble with the all of the polishes from The Wizard of Ooh Ahz is the wear and tear of the formula. It invariably chips within two days... which isn't a problem if you change polish that often, but since I started school I find that I don't have enough time to change my polish more than about every 4 days. However, the colors are so fabulous that I think they will overcome any objections about wear.


  1. I think it's called Cowardly Lyin' :-) Love the colour anyway

  2. Halifax - Haha, you are completely right. I didn't have the bottle handy when I posted - silly, I know.