Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Rainbow Zoya Haul!

Darlings! Look what came for me in the mail yesterday
Yes, I know, that is an extremely blurry picture. But you get the lovely rainbow-y point. :)
Left - right we have America, Paz, Pippa, Midori, Tallulah, Jo, Ali, Trixie, and Ginessa. Yay!


  1. Nice! I love Zoya polish. I have a long list of polishes that I want. Did you find that excellent Twitter Deal? It was only available for a few hours. You had to order Zoya's color lock system. Then for free you fot La-di-da and Ooh-la-la samplers! Scrangie and Manicure Mommas both gave the code out to get the deal. I can't wait till it comes.

  2. I did find it, but as I already had this shipment on the way ... I didn't go for it. I pretty much got all of the colors from Ooh-La-La and La-Di-Da that I wanted, so I figured I might as well not spend 48 more dollars. haha!