Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zoya Pippa

Today I'm am showing you Pippa, a yellow creme from the La-Di-Da collection. On the website Zoya describes Pippa as an 'ultra bright neon yellow'. I disagree. I mean, it is definately yellow. ;) But it's not neon or even ultra bright by any means.
I, personally, would describe Pippa as in-between banana and canary yellow on the color spectrum. It is a creme for sure, tending a teensy bit towards the chalky side. I'm not sure how this would look on darker skinned ladies. I'm extremely pale, so it looks good on me, but I stuck my nails next to my sister's olive complexion, and it looked like she would probly have zombie fingers if she put Pippa on.
This was the first Zoya I've tried that didn't have absolutely perfect application. Pippa applied very streaky, I needed 4 coats to get rid of all the streaks. Otherwise it was a very nice application.
Y'all may have noticed that my nails are pretty short now. I normally don't keep them very long, if you play any sort of instrument long nails are a no-no. Plus I just plain don't like extremely long nails. Anyways, camping really messes up your nails, and I went camping last weekend and broke a bunch of nails. So now they are short! But I'm not sad at all about it, as I have a piano recital on Friday and I would have had to chop them anyways ... I don't want any click-clacking during my performance! :)


  1. That is such a pretty shade. I wonder what it is that makes yellows so streaky? No matter what brand everyone has problems with yellows. Looks pretty on you. I like your nail length. Mine are short also, I don't think I could function with long nails.

  2. Lucy - I don't know, I was wondering that myself.