Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Taking My Private Jet

Hurr, tired of the silly titles yet? ;)
Here is My Private Jet, from OPI's Night Brights collection of a few years ago. It is black holo. How cool is that? In the bottle it looks like granite, or so my sister says, and I'm inclined to agree with her. On the nail it is uber cool ... but not as holographic-y as I'd like. It's holographic, but not insanely holographic, and if you're going holographic, shouldn't you go insane? :)
If you're not sure what holographic nail polish is, Nail Juice has a bar on the right hand side of her blog with some great explanations of different nail finishes. It is alphabetic, so you'll find holographic in the h's. :)
Anywho, back to the polish. Generally I shy away from wearing black ... I find it so dull and colorless (black is the absence of color, after all). If I want to wear a dark color, I'll wear a dark purple or dark blue or any other sort of vampy color, just not black. However, black holo? I'm cool with that! It's not really black black either, more like a dark charcoal. I've noticed that holo generally lightens up the color of the polish. Here's a picture of My Private Jet indoors looking 'granite-y'. And here is a close-up of it in the sunlight, so you can get a better idea of the intensity of the holo.
Sooo pretty. I love it. It made me feel high-class and rich. :)


  1. Have you tried Color Club's Revvvolution yet? It really leaves MPJ (one of my personal faves) in the dust!

  2. Asian Girl - No, but I'm very interested in checking it out ... I'll probly be placing an order on 8ty8 soon. :)