Friday, May 28, 2010

China Glaze Atlantis

Ok dears, these are truly terrible pictures. Please excuse them. I had no sun for days, and by the time I reconciled myself that I wasn't going to have sun for awhile, my nails had chipped pretty terribly. So... try to concentrate on the polish and not on the state of my nails? *embarrassed face*

This is China Glaze Atlantis, from the specialty glitters collection. As the name implies, these are pure glitter polishes, and therefore wondrous polishes. Atlantis is especially lovely, as it contains smallish medium holographic glitter in a teal/aqua jelly base. I was surprised that the base contained so much pigment... I was expecting it to be weaker. As it is, I love love love the way the rainbow-ed glitter hangs suspended in the watery aqua, evoking exactly the sort of images that the name implies. It is a perfect Atlantis, conjuring up visions of rainbow scaled mermaids and silvery spires piercing deep waters.
Here's another gross-shiver-inducing picture, but I was trying to capture the way that the holographic glitter looks. Aaah, love it. This took about three coats, and chipped pretty quickly. But so worth it. SO worth it.


  1. Jackie S. - You really do! It's so gorgeous! I really want to get some more of the specialty polishes. :)