Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rimmel Climax

Um, I may have bought a few Rimmels when I was @ the grocery store (emergency chocolate run!) the other day. Make that 3. I got Princess Pink, Climax, and Hard Edged (I've owned Passion, which I posted about the other day, for a while). I went to the nail polish section specifically to get a sheerish pink. I KNOW, blasphemy. But I've got Flute Festival on Saturday, and I want the judges attention on my flute skills, not my fingers. :( Since I didn't have any sheers, I had to shop. But I wasn't about to spend over $5 for a sheer, since I'll probly only wear it once. Haha! I thought Rimmel'd be a good choice since they kind of have funky shades and only cost $2.50. You'll see Princess Pink come Friday (or Saturday depending on how lazy I am ...).
But for now, look @ Climax! Naughty name, pretty color. Y'all know I'm a sucker for purples. I'm a bit irritated with this picture, it's the best of the bunch but doesn't capture the color correctly. In real life Climax has quite a bit more pink in it. The shade in the picture is lavendar, but I'd really call this a lilac. A dreamy lilac! It is so pretty. The finish isn't super shiny ... but I really like it. It makes me think of satin ... lilac satin! Mmmm.
p.s. I'm thinking that this is the color China Glaze IDK would be if it wasn't a holo. What do you think?


  1. Very pretty color. I've never used Rimmel polish. Will have to try some. I love purple's, well everything that's not just beige! There are times for beige's and I do have some nice ones. Mostly I have the greens, blues, purples and so on. Enjoying your blog. It's nice to have someone new to read.

  2. Thanks Lucy! You're making me feel loved. :)
    And woo-hoo! Blues, purples, and greens are my favorites too, in roughly that order. :)

  3. Since I have only about 150 bottles of nail polish, I have been thinking of adding Rimmel Climax to my collection but didn't want to spend anymore money on nail polish. But imagine that I found it on clearance today so I just had to buy it. I love this color.

  4. Anonymous - Yeah, it is pretty fantastic. :)