Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day of Silliness

The other day my sister Jessica and I were bored, so we decided to go HEB and get some weird candy, and then play some board games. I shall now present to you the events that followed in picture form. :)Here is our haul. (top row, l-r) Fusen gum (many flavors!), Goya Dulce de Leche wafers, tamarind candy. (bottom row, l-r) Ginger candy, strawberry flavored Pocky, and milk chocolate Cadbury.Me, looking at the ginger candy suspiciously.
And it is pronounced good!

Mmm, very good.
POCKY! Oh, how we lurve Pocky.Lurvely sister eating Pocky.But, oh no! The tamarind candy is yucky. Very yucky indeed!In fact, I had to pretend to vomit about it.Moving on to more cheerful topics, the melon flavored gum was very yummy! :)Alas, Jessica beat me at Sorry. Noooo! My last piece was halfway around the board when she made it in ... so sad.And alas! I was beaten once again, this time at Monopoly. Jessica got the accursed orange monopoly and put hotels on it. Booo! However, I did beat her at Monopoly the next day, so that made it all better.

You guys, I leave for Trinity in the morning, so please forgive me when I fall of the map for the next week or so. I'll see y'all once I've settled in! :)


  1. Never had any of the stuff you bought. Ginger candy I don't know about. Meaning whether I'd like it. Tamarind I've heard of but never tasted. Oh yes, I've had millions of Cadbury's. Forgot about that one. Love their chocolate. I love playing board games. I bought some last Christmas and haven't played them yet. Well good luck with school. Be safe and catch you when you blog again.

  2. That's pretty hardcore amazing. And I love seeing your lurvely photos, especially the Sorry game one. I miss you both!

  3. Lucy - Haha, you def. shouldn't try the tamarind. You aren't missing ANYTHING. ;D And thanks!

  4. nivipa - Thanks!
    Candace - Oh darling Candace, I miss you as well!