Monday, August 24, 2009

Rimmel Hard Edged

Hellooooo! Did you forget about me?
College has been crazy thus far. Well, I haven't actually gotten to the college part of college, just the orientation part. But the orientation part has been crazy. ;) I promise to start blogging more regularly now.
Today I've got Rimmel Hard Edged for you. Hard Edged is a fantastic color. I stupidly let this sit in my untried pile for a few months, because I thought it was just going to be plain brown. Umm, wrong! Look at this next picture.
Um, hello? It gets all sparkly and awsome in the sunlight! The sparkly stuff is purple. Yay! Plus there's a slight green duochrome both in shade and sunlight. I just couldn't capture it on my camera. Boo.
Hard Edged applied very nicely, I was done in 2 coats.
Well, I'm off to practice piano. I've got a piano audition in 1 1/2 hrs. It's no biggie, just an audition for piano lessons, but I haven't played in a week, and don't want to be rusty. I've also got a choir audition at 3, which hopefully will go alright. I lost my voice the other night after screaming a lot at an orientation event. I haven't sung yet today, but I'm hoping that when I DO sing, it will sound better than it did yesterday. Yesterday, when I opened my mouth to sing, nothing came out. It was horrible! I had completely forgotten that I shouldn't be screaming since I had a choir audition ... so I paid for my stupidness. I'm hoping that if I still do stuck today, I can explain it to the choir man and get a later audition time or something. I really want to get into choir!


  1. You couldn't help screaming! You probably got caught up in everything. Hope you do well at your audition for choir. I pray that your voice comes back and you get in the choir. I'm sure you'll do well at your piano audition. Love the nail color. Pretty on you. Looks more like eggplant shade.

  2. Lucy - Yes, quite. :) Thank you, my piano audition did go well, and the choir man let me defer my audition until today. Hopefully it'll go well today! :)
    It IS kind of an eggplant shade when it's in the sun. When in shade, though, you don't notice any purple, just a lovely brown color.

  3. Don't forget about the healing powers of lemon and honey! Congrats and good luck!