Sunday, August 30, 2009

We'll Always Have Paris, Darling.

I just realized that this picture was blurry. So sorry!
But the color is lurvely. In fact, I lurve it. Greatly.
We'll Always Have Paris is a vampy browny purple from the Fall 2008 French Collection. I love that collection. I pretty much have or want every color from it. Fabuloso.
I believe I only needed 2 coats to get good color coverage, and there were no streaks. Um, hello, that's awesome! :)
My brain's failing now. I want to think of something witty and interesting about this nail polish, but I can't. Not because it is ugly, but because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Oops. See, I meant to go to bed at 12 ... but when does that ever happen? Never, apparently. Everyone was like, "you're going to church tomorrow? what's that? STAY UUUUP! Be sociable!" So I did. They all got to sleep in (and they aren't awake yet, sadly), but I had to wake up at 8:30. Boo! Church was, however, quite lovely.
Anyways, I wanted to say, that yes, I've been doing like one post a week. I'm sorry about that. I know that lots of people blog regularly when they're in college, and I'm going to try my hardest to do so. I just think it'll take some time for me to get back into my groove (and to actually have some free time). So, please bear with me!
Tonight is the start of Hallympics, I should be able to get a post out of that, as I decorated an awesome t-shirt for it yesterday, and it sounds pretty fun. Until then, adios! :)


  1. Don't worry Faith. You post when you can. You just started school so give yourself a chance. How are you liking school? What courses are you taking? Love that polish also. Looks gorgeous on you. Don't go crazy with the partys! You need your beauty sleep.

  2. Lucy - Thanks. :)
    I lurve school so far. I'm taking 16 hrs, so it's a big schedule, but not too bad. I'm taking a 6 hr humanities course, Biological Impacts and Issues, a 4 hr Spanish class, choir, piano lessons, and flute lessons. Except the flute lessons aren't set up yet.

  3. Hi Faith! You created a lemming for this color. I didn't get it when I ordered the French collection last fall. I need it now! :( Great pic. I hope college is going well. Come visit my blog soon! :)

  4. Tamara - Yeah, it is a really beautiful color, and you most definitely need it. :) But its available at Ulta, so you should be good.