Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OPI Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not

Whoaaaa, I've been posting regularly for about a week! What's up with that? Today I'm on my way to go visit my beloved roommate, Alli, in Austin, but never fear, I have another post scheduled while I am gone. I am super excited about visiting Alli, by the way. We haven't seen each other in TWO WEEKS! We have severe separation anxiety, if you couldn't tell. She lives right by Lake Travis, so there will be plenty of swimming and kayaking, plus she turns 20 (aaaah my roommate is SO OLD!) tomorrow, so we might go clubbing. :)

Today I've got a lovely polish from the OPI French collection of 2008... I know that this is an old collection by now, but I really really loved it. When I first started obsessing over nail polish, purple was my favorite polish color, and I went gaga over this mainly purple collection. I think I'm working my way up to owning most of them, although this might be hampered by OPI's decision to stop allowing etailers to sell its products (SO sad about this). I understand where they're coming from though - apparently OPI had not authorized most of the etailers to sell OPI products in the first place.
ANYWAYS, stop rambling, Faith. Talk about the nail polish. This is Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not, a bright (but not neon at all) medium red-based purple loaded with blue and pink shimmer. The shimmer creates a bit of a blue flash in the sun, which is fun. It goes on like a true OPI polish, lovely and smooth, and covered in almost one coat. I used 3 out of habit, but could probably have stopped at two.
Eek! I apologize for my poor clean-up job and for my dreadfully thirsty cuticles... they've been neglected lately. :(
Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not fared pretty well wearage-wise. I believe it chipped after about 3 days of hard use, which I was quite pleased with, and there was scarcely any tipwear. Hooray! I do like an OPI polish.


  1. i'm pretty certain it's "louvre".

  2. Eek! My bad! I'm fixing it as we speak. I'm taking French I next semester, but you can tell that I definitely haven't taken it yet. ;)