Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Back

(The Bradham Christmas tree)
My dear friends,


I have finally gotten the blogging bug again! Let's hope it stays. :) As y'all probably guessed, I have been completely uninspired to blog for the past couple of months. However, I think I have gotten over that, and am ready to blog once more. I am going to shoot for once or twice a week, but please don't murder me if I renege occasionally.

Part of the reason that I took a little hiatus is that I'm a bit bored with straight-up polish blogging, especially because I am too poor to buy many new polishes anymore. So I'm thinking that I will mix traditional narcissistic blogging about me with my usual polish posts, plus whatever else I feel like, and we'll see how it goes from there. But don't hold me to any of this - I have a history of fickleness. ;)

It would seem that I did not blog for a full semester, meaning that y'all missed a bit of what was happening in my life. In these last three months, I...

1. Declared English! I am now officially an English major at Trinity, giving me the perfect excuse to do nothing but read. Happiness.

2. Joined the Trinity Review in an effort to become more involved. The Review is our campus' literary magazine, published yearly. I am on the PR team, meaning that I get to do fun things like chalk quotes all over campus to promote our events and/or the Review itself. Everyone on the magazine staff also votes on all of the submissions. I've got 202 submissions right now sitting in my Dropbox waiting for me....

3. Started work in Special Collections at the campus library. I worked in the Costume Studio last year making costumes for our mainstage productions, but while I loved the actual work, my boss was hell to work with. She just didn't like happy people. But I absolutely love Special Collections, and actually look forward to going to work instead of dreading it. It also helps that I generally have time to do some homework while I'm there.

4. Became the loving owner of 5 high-end nail polishes. (There's the polish reference you've been waiting for. ;) ) I now own 3 RBLs, 1 Lippmann, and 1 NARS. Photo evidence below.
(l-r, Across the Universe, Drifter, Sheer Red, Dead Calm, Zulu)

And yes. That is NARS Zulu. So gorgeous. I will have reviews of them up soon, I promise. :)

I'm leaving quite a lot out, but suffice it to say that I both kept my old friends and made new ones, maintained my grades, and had lots of fun. I hope college never ends...

I hope that y'all had a very merry Christmas indeed, and that your New Years are looking to be fantastical as well!

Love, Faith

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