Thursday, January 15, 2009

Essie Damsel in a Dress

Damsel in a Dress is from Essie's Winter collection of this year. I bought both Sexy Divide and Damsel in a Dress from this collection. Even though I was super excited about Sexy Divide when I bought the two colors, I think I actually like Damsel in a Dress more. It is just such a fantastically wonderful color! :) Whenever I wear it I stare at my hands constantly.

The color is very dark purple, I've heard it described as currant, which is pretty accurate as it's got quite a bit of red in it. But in my mind this is almost brown-ish. Not really brown mind you, just a hint of brown. DINAD is not quite a cream, there is very subtle warm shimmer in it. I LOVE it. Oo, almost forgot. This stuff lasts very well, this is my third day of wear and I only have one teensy baby chip. No tip wear or anything. Yay!

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