Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My nail polish ADD

After only 2 days of wearing Essie's Big Spender I got bored with my manicure. I didn't want to actually do a whole other manicure though, as that takes time and I feel wasteful if I do something like that, so I decided to add some purple sparkles on top of my exisiting color. I bought 2 of these little BonBon polishes a few days ago when on a rare jaunt to Walmart ... I didn't even know these things existed. Since they were only $0.98, I had to buy a few. :) Aren't they cute?

Anywho, I slapped 2 coats of the purple one on my nails and voila! Different nails. The glitter is kind of weird, it reminds me of little pieces of sparkly hair, but that's ok, it looks cool on my nail. ;)

The picuture on the left was taken in the sunlight, and the picture on the right was taken indoors.


  1. I liked these too, I love minis and these were of decent quality. I haven't seen them retail, Where do you find these now? I guess I will be hunting on ebay today.

  2. I agree that minis are super fun! :)
    I found mine @ Walmart. I haven't seen them anywhere else.

  3. I miss a cornflower blue microglitter Bon Bons I had way back in the day...