Monday, February 16, 2009

Essie Mesmerize es muy hermoso. :)

Ahhh, look how pretty! Essie has absolutely outdid itself this Spring with this lovely cornflower blue. Mesmerize is not your standard bright blue creme (Is there such a thing as a standard bright blue creme? I have no idea.) ... it is more subdued. I like to call it a lady-like blue. Scrangie was spot on when she called this color 'muted'. I used 3 coats for the picture above. 2 would have been enough if I wasn't so messy when I apply! :)

p.s. I apologize for the state of my manicure. I had thought that my bottle of Seche Vite had one last application left in it, which it evidently did not! I also did not clean up very well. Bad Faith!


  1. Love the color. I have to get it myself. I don't own many Essie colors. I like the bold colors which they don't have many of.

  2. I actually really like Essie. When they come out with a bold color it's always extremely pretty. But yes, I basically only own their bold ones. B/c sheers, etc. are just too boring! :)

  3. I placed my order at Transdesign and ordered Mesmerize among alot of other polishes. I can't wait till I get them all.