Sunday, March 15, 2009

Having Fun With Ladylike Nail Polish ... Or Not

Hey y'all! Sorry for not posting yesterday but what with Flute Festival and my daddy's birthday party the day got a little crazy. Oh, and this picture was taken indoors, as you can probably tell. Nooo sun around here at all in the last few days. And now onto the review we go.
Ohhh, boy, look at that. A sheer. *screams in horror* Sweet Moses, how I hate sheers. But as I said previously, I felt like I needed a non-distracting color when I performed. Don't want those judges mesmerized by my fabulous polish and forgetting to listen to the music! ;)
I thought that Rimmel Princess Pink was going to be more opaque ... I must be bad @ telling if a polish is sheer or not while it's in the bottle. I never shop for these colors, so I normally never have that problem. haha! I give Princess Pink props for being a jelly, cuz I luuurve a jelly.
I used 4 coats in an effort to opaque it up, with semi-success. I got more of a pink look and less of a VPL-all-over-the-place look. ;D Still quite a bit of VPL (for those not knowing what VPL is, it stands for Visible Polish Line, meaning that the nail white is visible.) though.
My sister laments the fact that I bought this nail polish, calling it lobster bisque. I tend to agree with her, but it had to be done.
On a happy note, I got honorable mention (meaning 2nd place) for my room in Flute Festival yesterday! I've only been taking flute for a year, so this makes me happy. I played an Andante by Mozart ... you've gotta love the Mozart. :)


  1. Congrats on 2nd place!! Nail color is pretty and safe. Just what you needed to not distract the judges. Good job.