Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cowgirl Up, Y'all!

And on with the China Glaze Blitzkrieg. When I got this bottle I was like, "oh, this doesn't look nearly as cool as I thought it would. boo," even though I saw that it had blue shimmer in it. Silly me! This color is absolutely positively GORGEOUS! It's perfect. A shimmery (blue and red) warm purple with almost a metallic feel (is not metallic @ all though). I was trying to think of a color name to describe this particular shade. My co-worker came close, she said plum. If plums came in this pretty of a color, I'd eat them every meal! :) I think that it is probly a mix of plum and black cherry. But I don't know. How would y'all describe it?
Oh, and guess what? The application was amazing! I know! After all those annoying gloppy polishes, I finally get a beautiful smooth one! :)


  1. It is a gorgeous color. I love every single one of that China Glaze collection. I own more China Glaze than any other brand. I love their polishes.

  2. This collection was more than great!!I like every single colour with even a hint or purple in it!And this is sooo gorgeous!!