Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back, and with a glitter

Hallo dolls, sorry it took me so long to get accustomed to school again. :) I am now safely ensconced in my dorm room and getting adjusted to my new classes/schedule (can I just say that I'm in a Chaucer seminar and it is possibly the most awesome thing ever? I love my major).

I've got a glitter for y'all today! This is one of the glitters Revlon put out recently, Galaxy. It consists of hexagonal holographic glitter amid tons of little tiny holo and black glitter, all in a clear base. So cool. Holo and glitter are two amazing things, and when you put them together you get a happy Faithy.
Galaxy is definitely better for layering than for wearing alone, but it is most assuredly possible to wear it alone like I did here - you'll just need at least 4 coats, haha. I was mesmerized by my nails the entire time I wore this... holo will do that to me.

For a glitter, the wear and tear time wasn't too bad. I think I got a good 3 days out of it before it chipped? That's a pretty long time for a glitter, since a lot of them will chip on me after a single day. I'm upset I didn't buy more of these when they were on sale at CVS... are they still selling them, do you know?

P.S. If this post seems a little sleepy and disjointed to you, my apologies. Every single one of my muscles is sore after an exhausting workout at my Body Pump class today. Somehow my suite convinced me that it would be a good idea to take this awful Body Pump thing, and all I know is that life is pain because of it. I hope someday it won't hurt to raise my arms to wash my hair...


  1. Oh so pretty! I feel bad buying polishes to layer tho because I tend to use them in one or two combos then never use them again. I just feel like most of the polishes I buy are so pretty (or expensive) that I want to show off their natural beauty!

  2. Karen - I agree! I can almost never make myself layer polishes, since I feel bad covering up one.

  3. Waaaaoooooo. these pictures and really amazing. I also like the template too much