Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lippmann Across the Universe

Behold, my lovelies, some of the most wonderful nail polish known to mankind. Whenever I wear this I cannot stop staring at my nails. It's just too pretty. What is this fabulousness, you say? It is Lippmann's Across the Universe (from the Fall 2010 collection), of course! As soon as I saw this on ALU, I knew it had to be mine. Unfortunately, as a poor college student I couldn't really afford the $18 price tag, so I put it in my mental pile of polishes I someday long to own, and had to content myself with lusting after it from afar. But then, lo and behold, my beautiful suitemate bought it for me for my birthday! I know, world's best suitemate, yeah?
Just stare into the depths of this beautiful blue-based glitter, and you'll start to think you are a mermaid... The glitter in Across the Universe is quite heavy, and is hexagonal and about equal parts green and blue, with mini blue flecks interspersed in there as well. The base blue is a darker, neither-navy-nor-cerulean blue and is my favorite texture of all, jelly. I use about 3 coats for maximum glittery awesomeness (and in order to get rid of any stray streaks). Wear is not the best, but allowances must be made for it being a glitter. We all know that glitters chip like crazy. However, I think because of the jelly base, Across the Universe is not so brittle-feeling as some other glitters, and lasts about 3 days before chips, which is actually quite good for a glitter (Dorothy Who? chips on me after one day ever single time).
Ciao, belle.


  1. Ack! So pretty! I wish someone would actually buy me some polish. I just get laughed at for having so much!

  2. Waaaaoooooo. these pictures and really amazing. I also like the template too much