Monday, June 29, 2009

My Experiment With A Likeable French Nail

Y'all know that I hate french nails, right? But for some reason, I've been majorly wanting to do a red french. I saw them on a girl at the library a few months ago, and thought it looked really fresh and cool. The usual French's irritate me to no end, but this one seemed different. Soo, using Rimmel Passian and OPI I Pink I Love You, I concocted my own version of a red French nail.
And there it is. Granted, it is very messy - don't even look at my ring finger please - but I'm pretty happy with the results. I used one coat of Passion (I chose Passion b/c it's very opaque in one coat), then a coat of I Pink I Love You. However, I didn't like the blurred look that gave the red line, so I added another coat of Passion on top, then some Seche Vite. Pretty easy, except for the actual drawing on of the french tip. Haha! I know that the beauty magazines say to use tape as a guideline, but I tried that back in my dark ages of nails (i.e., before I became obsessed with all things nails and a hater of French nails) and it didn't work so great.
Keeping a steady line is difficult, especially on the non-dominant hand. I'm left handed, so y'all always get the picture of my badly applied hand. I've gotten pretty adept at painting with my right hand (I'm am extremely left handed, I can barely do anything with my right hand ... just manoevering a computer mouse, haha), but the French tip escaped me. O well, better luck next time. I'd like to try this with black sometime soon.
What do y'all think of this look? Are you French lovers? Haters?

[EDIT: This marks my 100th post! Woohoo!]


  1. I just tried to do one like this today and I couldn't even take a picture. Yours looks really good! I love those colors together.

  2. I really like this combination. I have to laugh at your application. Okay, roll on the floor! I haven't done it myself, I haven'tany free edge. I like the French when it's colored. I'm not much of a fun when it's done the other way. If I did it my nails would probably be as lovely as yours! As they say, practice makes perfect.

  3. Kaybee - Don't worry, you'll get it. :) Thanks for telling me mine looks good ... it doesn't, really. haha!
    Lucy - Well, thanks for that vote of confidence. Haha! And indeed, practice does make perfect. I'll probly try the black edge whilst I'm in Colorado.

  4. It looks okay... I like the IDEA more than the look. BUT, I have a tip for you. I know getting the line right is hard. Don't worry about tape of anything like it. Here is what you do. Safe the pink for last. Put on the red maybe even bring it up a little too high. Then get a small angled makeup brush, make sure the brush is dense. Then dip it into some nail polish remover. Then it is like erasing the the excess. You can get a nice neat curve doing it this way. THEN you may add your pink color.