Thursday, June 4, 2009

OPI I Pink I Love You: A Branching Out

Ok y'all, just look at what I have on my nails. Sheer pink! I know! So shocking, right? If you've read this blog for more than five minutes you'll find that I'm really not a fan of sheers at all. I find them yucky and boring. Why wear a sheer when you can wear blue or green? :)
But I saw this polish on display at HEB (my grocery store), and thought that it looked like a really clean, nice sheer and that maybe I should just try it. So I did. I Pink I Love You is from OPI's current crop of Soft Shades, the Fairytale Bride series, and is a sheer very pale milky pink with a slight blue duochrome. I think that this would be awesome to wear at a conservative workplace and be all like, "Yes I'm wearing sheer pink b/c you're stupid and won't let me wear cool colors, but I'm also wearing a pink/blue DUOCHROME! Mwahahaha!" Haha, can y'all tell that I would do really badly in a conservative workplace? Here's me (futile-y) trying to get a picture of the blue flash.
Now, I was all set to be pretty happy with my sheer when I saw Scrangie's swatch of it. Do y'all see how much more colorful Scrangie's swatch is than mine? What's up with that? I put 3 coats on, so I don't think that I just neglected to put on enough coats to build opacity. I even went back and looked at the bottom of my bottle to see if I had actually gotten the right polish. Nope, I got the right one. So now I'm wishing I had Scrangie's bottle and not mine. Boo!
I wore my princess ring today with I Pink I Love You ... it made me feel like I should be wearing a dress, hat and gloves, and taking tea in the garden. :)


  1. This is a nice pretty chic pink color. Ur nails are shaped nicely and the color suits your complexion.

  2. Pretty and I like your ring also. I wouldn't do at all well in a conservative environment. I don't like being told what to wear.

  3. Denny - Hey, thanks! I try. ;)
    Lucy - Thanks! I like my ring too. ;) And I know, I would die if I worked somewhere conservative.

  4. hi there! i know another lucy already posted, but i just started reading your blog and i really like it. i am not much of a sheers person, so i'm used to building opacity with sheer colors, and i'd recommend more coats on that one. other than the sheer aspect, i like it very much. you don't see too many sheer duochromes though!

  5. Hey there other Lucy! ;) Thanks for reading my blog! Yes, I agree that I did kind of give up there and should have put some more coats on, but I got bored after 3 coats. :O