Monday, April 27, 2009

Essie North Forks, Numero Tres

Okay darlings, I give you Sag Harbor! Sag Harbor is, hands down, my absolute favorite from this collection. It actually didn't give me any trouble while applying! *dances with joy*
The color is faaabulous, dahling. Is is blue, is it grey? No one knows, except that they love it so. :) It conjures up images of a stormy sea.
Congrats on making such a wonderful color Essie! Sag Harbor has changed my mindset on the other two polishes in this collection. Perhaps I did something funky whilst applying them? I dearly hope that the fault was mine and not the polish's.
p.s. This picture is not super accurate ... it doesn't show the blue side well enough. The sun won't come out for me today, so I'm forced to post a cloudy-day picture, which makes the grey come out more than it should. :(


  1. So glad the third was the charm! Your so right that the polish does look like a stormy sea. Good call.

  2. Lucy - I know! It's awesome. :)