Saturday, April 25, 2009

Essie North Forks, Numero Uno

All right y'all, here is Shelter Island, as promised. :)
This was the color I was the most excited about from this collection. I thought that perhaps it would be the perfect sky blue. It's a nice light blue, but not what I had hoped. :( I give Essie major props for releasing a collection of blues, but I had 2 problems with Shelter Island.
Firstly, the color was a bit flat. If this had been a jelly ohhh what loveliness that would have been! Then perhaps it would have been the perfect sky blue.
Secondly, the application was horrible. Horrible, I tell you! Streaky kingdom. 3 coats are absolutely necessary to achieve a semi-streak-free state, but I used 4. However, the bubbles you see in the picture are not from the polish. These are from my Seche Vite, which is on it's last, very bubbly, gasp.
I don't want y'all to think that this is a bad polish. I did like it a lot, and got plenty of compliments while I was in Georgia. But it could have been sooo much better!
If I can coax the sun out of the clouds, Greenport will be coming up later today. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your impression with us :-) This color looks great on you and your pictures are beautiful !

  2. That is a beautiful color and looks lovely on you. Have you thinned out your Seche Vite with polish thinner. I had to thin mine out several times. I also had to buy Seche Vite thinner, the other brand didn't work. That polish really thickens up fast. I wouldn't be without it though.

  3. Tuli - Hey, thanks! I try, but often I'm afraid my pictures aren't too great. ;)
    Lucy - Thanks Lucy. :) No I haven't ... I haven't bought any thinner yet, which I definately need to do ... preferably before I do my nails again. hehe.